When Teen Girls Share a Small Space Bedroom:  Decorating Ideas


  If you live in a small house or apartment with a limited number of bedrooms, it's possible you might have two teen girls sharing a bedroom.  When the bedroom shared by two teen girls is a small space bedroom, and each girl has her own ideas for decorating it, how do you work it out?  How do you compromise while giving each teen her space and a voice to be creative in decorating the bedroom?  With a shared small space bedroom it's not easy finding answers to allowing two teen girls to equally express themselves in the decorating, but here are some ideas to make it, perhaps, a bit easier. 

  For two teenage girls, no matter what their age difference, if their views are totally opposing, try a screen or other room divider.  Even in the smallest of rooms a screen can give each girl some space of her own, and a bit of privacy.  Both, of course, need access to the door, so you  might need to have a small "common" area where the door is.  Depending on the layout of the bedroom, this may or may not be easy to achieve.  If you are able to do this, then no matter how much smaller their personal areas become as a result, each can decorate as they like.  One half of the bedroom may be done in one girl's favorite pink, purple and white combination; the other may opt for black and red.  Small space style beds such as twin beds or loft style beds can be used in each "half" the the room.  A loft bed with a desk, dresser and cabinet underneath can take care of most of the furniture needs with this all in one piece.   These pieces can either be built in as part of an all in one unit, or added individually under a loft bed.  This is one of the best ways to make use of the small space available to each teen. 

  If you can't work in a screen or divider, try two area rugs - one for each "half" of the room, to give a division between the two sides.  As long as something is used to visually separate each girl's "half" of the room, it won't matter if their decorating ideas clash. 

  Sometimes, dividing a room in half won't work.  You might already have bunk beds for your girls and can't afford loft beds right now, or even new twin beds.   In this case try to arrange a "wall" area for each girl where their desks or dressers can go and where they have something they can each personalize to their individual tastes.  Even if they share a computer they most like have their own dresser on which they can display some of their things.  One could have one wall for her favorite posters; the other, another wall.  The ultimate goal in this case when you have teen girls sharing a small space bedroom is to try to come up with a theme or decor that is pleasing to both.  If you can get both to agree on a specific theme, such as retro sixties, each can decorate her own bed and "wall" according to individual preferences.  One could have funky psychedelic sixties style wild pink and purple zigzags on bedding; the other bright yellow and orange flower power designs.  One good way to find a common theme is have both write down their top five choices for a theme and find the first one that matches on each list.

  Good storage solutions can help with any small space bedroom, especially one shared by two teen girls.  If the normal clutter teenagers accumulate can be hidden and kept off the floor, it will give more space to their shared room.  Underbed drawers an wheels can take the place of dressers to free up space.  Overhead shelves are another useful item.  They can keep cd and dvd and video game collections on those shelves.  Use hooks over the door for hanging robes.  Or put the hooks for robes on the wall and get a hamper that hangs over the door.  These can be found at Amazon and other places.  By using one of these, clothing that is dirty can be kept off the floor and the hamper can easily be taken down when it's time to do laundry. 

  Once you've worked out some of these details, a shared room for two teenage girls in a small space bedroom can be made to work, no matter their individual preferences.