The web has been abuzz with speculation as to the release date for Verizon's version of the iPhone, although lately rumors of strife and complications between Apple and Verizon are causing some anxious fans to wonder if the date might get pushed back yet again.

Unfortunately, the Verizon iPhone concept is not a new one; a firestorm of rumors and counter-rumors began back around 2008, and discussions focused on the speculative pairing have ebbed and flowed ever since. Even though network analysts and industry experts seem more or less settled on a 2011 release date, several new issues have begun to darken the prospect. Verizon recently released a new ad focusing on the iPhone 4's antenna troubles; when the iPhone is held at a certain angle its signal can be completely dropped.

Launching a competitive ad campaign hardly suggests an imminent partnership between the two companies, though it remains unclear exactly how far the campaign will go in its quest to knock the iPhone 4 down a few pegs. It is still unclear, too, how closely a potential release of the verizon iphone will be calculated to coincide with, or eclipse, the release of the iPhone 4g.

Meanwhile, speculation continues that Apple will be reluctant to bring its iPhone to Verizon until the latter has its 4G network in place, the newest phone / internet infrastructure slated to bring users their data on demand faster than ever before. Unfortunately, if this is the case, Verizon has said its doesn't plan to have achieved even a 66% coverage level in America until the year 2012!

The Verizon iPhone may, however, have a better chance at materializing within the next business cycle than was originally thought, as one insider analyst let on in a March report that the verizon iphone is actually in development and being rushed to make an appearance in late 2011.

The verizon iphone is being awaited impatiently by many of iphone's current users, who, unfortunately for Verizon, have generally one thing in common that could spell serious complications for a massive public transfer from previous iphone to the verizon iphone: Namely, 80% of current iphone users are either in family plans or company-funded business plans which will make extracting them from their current contracts very unlikley.

All the same, a consumer study performed by Credit Suisse found that a great majority of the current market of iphone users would be quite content to transfer from their current iphone service providers to a Verizon iphone. In this regard, the verizon iphone, once a thing of myth and then a fiercly anticipated alternative to AT&T's often frustratingly poor service, is still the most consumer-desired update to the world of smartphones coming down the pipe. All of this attention on the Verizon iPhone is sure to bring both involved companies an influx of attention and revenue.

Will the verizon iphone make it out in time to capitalize on the holiday season? Although September posted slightly better retail sales than originally expected, it remains to be seen how comfortable holiday shoppers will be with forking out several hundreds of dollars for high tech gifts this season.