A microwave is a crucial item to have in the kitchen, especially for singles who don't have much time to prepare large and fancy meals every night. If you just got home and are too tired to cook, then the next practical move would be to heat up last night's leftovers so you can get to bed, and a microwave will allow you to do just that. If you are considering purchasing one of these appliances for your kitchen, then here are some pointers on how to get a decent and durable piece.

What do you cook?

Unless you are a culinary enthusiast who spends a lot of time experimenting with fancy recipes, you don't really need fancy features on your microwave oven. Light users who use a microwave primarily for melting, hot drinks and reheating only need a basic model regardless of the manufacturer. So just look for something that offers ease of use and a number of safety features, especially if children will use the oven.

What's the Wattage again?

High wattage means it will cook much faster. More power will be used but you will spend less time waiting for the food to heat or cook and it will heat evenly. Most microwaves come with a variation of power ranging from about 600 to 1200 watts. Check your power capacity; it may not be sufficient to power a microwave with everything else in your home.

The Features

If you are a Sharp enthusiast, then you will have fun going through all their models because they come with a wide range of features including sensor based cooking, which uses the food's moisture to cook. If you like to use programmed cooking, the Sharp microwave line offers those that allow different setting with a single button, and you can play around with the power options so the food cooks at the right temperature.

Typically, people purchase a microwave oven for its simplicity, portability and price among other reasons. It shouldn't take up much space in the kitchen, so if you live in a small apartment or simply don't like large kitchenware stuffing up the space, then a nice standard sized microwave should do. You don't have to move things around in order to create space for it; it should fit just about anywhere.


When buying your oven, you want to have options and be able to try different ones out. The Sharp microwave comes in different sizes with features, and one will cover just about any cooking needs for you and your family. So try out a new Sharp oven and see how it simplifies your work in the kitchen.

When To Buy A Microwave