Mastering a Basic Game Mechanic can be an Art

The Strategy Behind Going B

In case you are just now looking into this game, League of legends is a MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.  Players go head to head in matches of 5 versus 5 PvP action.  The first team to reach and destroy the enemy nexus wins.  Despite its simple and straightforward mechanics, League of Legends has a quite a few strategic elements to it.  We're going to take a look at one important mechanic with three tips to start you off in the right direction.

When to B

Your B key will teleport you back to the safety of your base to heal and buy new gear.  This is also called "Going B" or just "B".  Doing this a lot though will put you behind in gathering gold and leveling up.  So when is the best time to go back?  There are three times you should consider going back.  If you have a lot of gold to spend, if you are extremely low on health and unable to heal yourself, or if you have moved too far forward and need to get to the back of the map quickly.
Just like in the real world, learning to save your money and spend it wisely is important in League of Legends.  So how do you know when to spend it?  When you reach the 1000 to 1500 gold area.  The longer you can hold out, the better to a certain extent.  Sitting on 2000 gold when you could be buying upgrades is not smart.  Having better gear will certainly increase your gold and experience (XP) gains.  It is a delicate balance to keep, and something you can learn to master over time.
Many champions in League of Legends cannot self-heal.  There is a summoner heal spell available, but it is not enough to keep you healed up.  Going back to heal is the only solution sometimes.  If an enemy kills you, they get a lot of gold, experience, and keep you out of the lane while they build up even more gold and XP.  As mentioned in the paragraph above, going back too often is harmful.  You should only go back to heal if you are around 10% health with no way to heal.  With health this low, an enemy can easily dive into the range of your tower and kill you.  They reap the benefits, and you go back anyway.
Sometimes you just want to go back for strategic purposes.  If you have moved in on the enemy base, and an enemy is attacking one of your base's inner towers, walking back isn't going to get you there in time.  If you are attacking the enemy base towers, and your opponents are closing in on you, blocking all your escape routes, using B is likely your only alternative to death.  Denying as many kills as possible, of players or towers, is a key part of this game.
So there are several strategies all mapped out for you.  Learning when to go Back is crucial to the success of the team and the player.  Efficiency is paramount when trying to build up your character's level and equipment.  Talk with your team and the partner in your lane.  Let them know when you are going back, or if you happen to notice they need to go back.  Also make sure you type into chat when you are "Going B".  Being helpful will keep the mood light, and increase your chances of winning.  Good luck!