Switching a dogs diet is usually not a good idea. If it is done, it is because of their diet change needs due to aging when putting him on a senior diet dog food formula. But there may be times that you will need to stop his diet.

Lets go over a few of these so if they ever occur, you will be able to recognize the situation and take care of it with your new found knowledge. Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and one that I know you take very serious like I do. I think any dog owner knows how important it is when our dog is sick, or showing any kind of change in their behavior or eating habits.

I am sure you were concerned when the dog food recall was going on. I am so glad that my dogs were not eating any of the foods on the list, but you can believe I did my homework to make sure. If there is a situation like that, then of course, you immediately stop giving that food.

Traveling can be hard on a dog, and you may want to stop giving him food a few hours prior to the trip. This just helps with any stomach upset while traveling. This is not the more drastic case, such as the tainted dog food incident.

If your dog needs any type of surgery, your vet will of course ask you stop feeding your dog prior because of the anesthesia. Food and anesthesia just don't mix well. Or there may be a time when your dog just refuses to eat.

But there are more circumstances that can really affect your dogs health if you don't stop his diet. This is if your dog develops a disease such as diabetes. If your dog is diagnosed diabetic, then there are things in his diet that will change immediately or the consequences may be severe.

A diabetic diet should not contain any natural or added simple sugars. Most of the moist or semi-moist foods contain a lot of sugar and should be stopped. You will need to start your dog on a new routine of a healthier diet dog food.

Another important factor that would cause you to stop your dogs current diet is if he is obese. Obesity can and will kill your dog much sooner than he should.

Dogs can suffer from high cholesterol just we can. You have to stop the diet he is on and put in on a special diet dog food. He needs a high nutrition, low calorie diet. If he is overweight now, you will be able to change that and make him a healthy dog again.

Talk with your vet when you think you need to stop or make any changes in your dogs diet. With the information you can give your vet, he will be able to guide you in what you need to do. Your vet will also have some diet dog food suggestions that will be the most beneficial to your dog.

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