You have written a book. Congratulations. I think that is great. I am also happy for you. Now you may ask yourself what is next. It is a question that leads you to scratch your head. Isn’t it?

Honestly, I thought the hard part was out-of-the-way once I got it all down on paper. Corrections, Corrections, and a billion more corrections came my way. I got through all that and came to realize that it had only just begun.

A family member of mine who passed away, bless her heart and soul, purchased me a subscription to Writer's Digest. There were lots of hints and tools in there, which game me ideas. Everything I read and looked at seemed like another world to me in some sense. However, the right path became clear to me.

Next I ran out and bought a writers tool to where and when to send my work. I realized that this costs postage. There are no guarantees that a publisher will even review your work. If you calculate postage after postage, it can become costly.
It is easily to want to give up or figure you have nowhere to turn. Why are you bothering?  The questions begin to fill your head.

Then I began to consider Self Publishing. Because of scam artists and tricksters, I knew one had to protect oneself. Alternatively, I got calls from publishing places that would do this and that for my book but I would have to shell out thousands of dollars to create and/or market it.

I had to tell them no. I was looking to make money from my books as well as not going into a hole of debt to begin with. Not to mention they wanted anywhere up to 70 percent of the royalties. I also would have hated to charge a king's ransom to make a smidgen of a profit.
I did not know what I was going to do. I put it on the back burner for a while.

However, like most writers I am sure, I had that itch. I continued to search for decent Self Publishing companies. I finally came across CreateSpace. They did not charge a lot compared to others and gave good royalties. I could charge a reasonable price. On top of all that, you had a huge say in how you wanted your book created.

I did not know if I should risk it or not. Was I being a failure? Was I giving up on a dream? No and No is the answer. My dream was to finish my novel and get it out there. I saw a way to do that and sell it to others as well. Self Publishing is not for everyone. However, if you want to get your book out there or cannot anyway else then I suggest doing it.

I found it fun to put my book together using their templates and designing it. I learned so much. In a way, you are your own boss. It is up to you to promote it and try to sell it of course. What drew my eye though was that your book gets places on and in addition to the CreateSpace site.

You can also purchase other packages or have them do the book for you. Really, you just have to sit down and figure out what is right for you. You buy the first copy and then proofread it. From there you revise it as you see fit. If not you, can click go ahead and will soon be available for sale. Any questions you have you can email or call them.

Therefore, if you like the process and works out for you then you can do others books. In this way, you have them available to order online. You can also order physical copies at a discounted rate to sell at your own prices in person. Create some business cards with your books info on it. From there you can hand them to people you run into or leave them in locations that could be easily viewed.

You have to look at it as a tool to carry out what you wish. Sometimes you have a genre that is hard for a publishing company to pick up. Sometimes a publisher is not brave enough to touch your work. They also could be just starting out just like you. Regardless of the reason, there is nothing wrong with putting your own book out.

To me it was better than dreaming and wondering. In addition, I was going to sell more than just leaving my manuscript on the coffee table waiting for something. If your book is great and you back it up then all you have to do is find the right market for it. Perhaps a small bookstore would be willing to put a few copies in their store especially if it is your hometown.

If you can set up a book signing, that might also be beneficial to your novel. Sometimes giving away little goodies with your work might also attract attention. Overall, you are the best salesperson you are going to get. No one will have your passion for your book. No one will be able to answer questions, as you will be able to.

Do yourself a favor. If you can afford to Self Publish and wish to, then make it happen. Do not hold back because of little things. You cannot worry about what others think all the time. You will own the rights to your book and can do anything you wish it. Expose your work to the world.