When To Send Wedding Photo Thank You Cards

Weddings are a great time to meet friends and relatives with whom you have lost touch with. Long after the wedding is over, you need to show off your gratitude by sending out wedding photo thank you cards. Many couples prefer to go in for handwritten thank you cards since it adds a personal touch and pleases the guests with the efforts put in by you.

You might want to order or design your wedding photo thank you cards along with the main wedding invitations. This gives you the opportunity to personalize the cards with a common theme, background or color patterns or according to your specifications. You might be interested in the options provided by many of the online stores.

In addition to the standard thank you cards, you can even send unique thank you notes designed in the shape of wedding photo thank you magnets. This is a preferable option since they can be used for longer periods and are scratch or tear resistant. In order to give a more personal touch to these, you can even add photos of your honeymoon.

Thank you cards can not only be sent to close relatives or friends, but also to people who have helped you with the wedding preparations. Suppliers, caterers, decorators, music bands would love to receive thank you cards on your behalf and will eternally be grateful towards you.

Many couples tend to write long stories into their wedding photo thank you cards. No, the wordings for thank you cards must be kept short and sweet. Talk about the wedding gifts and how you intend to use it in your new life. Keep a track of the gifts and send the thank you cards immediately after opening them. Do not forget to add your current address for the benefits of the guests.

The right time to send your photo wedding thank you cards is generally 2 – 3 weeks after receiving the wedding gifts. Many a times it so happens that you may receive the gifts before or after your wedding. Such gifts need to be acknowledged immediately so that the guests do not get offended. If you plan on a long honeymoon, then you can even send the thank you cards after 8 weeks.

When it comes to sending wedding photo thank you magnets, you need to mention the exact details such as the name of the guests, address along with a note showing your appreciation. These magnets make beautiful keepsakes especially if they are personalized with photos or different accessories. These can easily be placed on top of the refrigerators or cupboards.

Gifts can be in any form. You may even receive gifts in the form of monetary items. These too can be addressed with wedding photo thank you cards. Wordings can be similar to the non monetary gifts. Please do not specify the amount. Rather you can talk about how it will be useful in furnishing your new house. Thank you cards are one of the most important things that need to be taken care of after your wedding.