I Seriously Dislike Vegan Ideology - But When Vegans Abuse Their Pets, It's Criminal

I've got friends into the Vegan lifestyle, and let me assure you that it's a lifestyle, and NOT just a diet.  You see, Vegans go beyond just not consuming animal based foods, they also reject the notion that it's okay for you to have a leather jacket.  I honestly don't care what proponents of the Vegan lifestyle think or feel about things, what I care about are facts.  Yes, ethics and morality are both things that I am concerned with, and my daily life always includes quite a lot of thinking about whether or not this or that is morally sound, or ethically sound, and I do often revise my thinking about a great deal of things.

I'm not afraid to make mistakes, and I'm not afraid of me saying something stupid, or even something horribly wrong on the internet.  Hey guess what?  People keep score, but those are the people who have no concept of forgiveness, and they are always the most twisted and illogical of persons one will encounter.  I've had stalkers, no not the sexual sort - at least not that I know of, but the sort who can and do bring up things I said four years ago online.  I've given up on some people's humanity, and I've found that the block feature on social networking sites like Facebook has seriously improved the quality of my life.  If you get headaches due to social networking disputes, then I encourage you to use the block feature on those sites as well.  In fact, I can't encourage you enough towards that.

I'm a huge believer in forgiveness, and I'm not willing to stoop to the judgmental abyss of bringing up or even remembering the hateful things that the people I talk to might have said to me years ago.  Also of note, the title to this bit of opining and thinking out loud was meant to draw a reader in.  I do NOT think that Vegan equates stupid, but I also do not think Veganism is the least bit wise.

Oh I've digressed...

Look, Veganism is fine for the Vegan's health...assuming they've got a Ph.D in nutrition and actually know how to pull it off without hurting themselves.  Veganism is a personal choice that one might make, and I support the Vegan's right to make that choice.  What I don't support is the Vegan harming other living creatures, and that's the hypocrisy of Veganism.  You see, if you are a cold Vegan, then you must wear a jacket, and if you are a Vegan, then it's going to be cotton, or at least it's never going to be leather.  Cotton comes from the cotton crop, and I well know from my own home town and county, Kaufman, Texas - that it takes a lot of land to grow cotton, and when that cotton field is cleared - trees are cut down, and the habitat that birds, mammals, and various insects, etc, used to habitat - is used for cotton only.  Herbicides and pesticides are used, and those chemicals leach into the soil and the local water - and besides the loss of the land in which creatures used to call home, their environment is also damaged for generations to come.

Concerning grains - it's the same thing, animals used to live on the land that grains are grown on, and bread is less healthy for human consumption than is meat.  Threshing and harvesting equipment in gran fields chop up small mammals by the thousands rather mercilessly.  Boycott beef, pork, chicken, and turkey, eggs, milk, cheese, and all that all you want to - but the facts are the facts, and the Vegan ethic is morally hypocritical, and practically useless so far as animal advocacy goes.

I hope that I've provided some of my reasoning on why the Vegan lifestyle is morally absurd though based in an idea that is good, animal rights - absolutely none of the above is relevant to the point that I truly wish to make here.  What I want to say, indeed, the purpose of this whole web page is to say that if you are a Vegan, that's your choice, but if you own a pet, a dog or a cat, those animals do not have a choice if you feed them Vegan food which they were NEVER meant to eat.

I don't care if you believe and preach such nonsense and lies as humans weren't designed to consume meat, what I care about is that you realize that your dog and your cat were never EVER designed to eat anything BUT meat, and the scant vegetation that the choose to eat when their bodies tell them to do so.


Let me be clear, feeding a dog or a cat soy garbage instead of meat or animal based food is abuse of animals.  Thanks for your time.

Veganism, an Extremist, and Divisive Ideology.

Feeding Your Cat or Dog Soy Is ANIMAL ABUSE.