Leaving Your Stable Job


There is Something Wrong When You Continue with Your Job for the Pension or Benefits You Will be Receiving - 25 Years from Now

5 Reasons to Leave Your Stable Job

Let's admit it - the economy is still in the pits and jobs are more scarce than ever.   However, you wake up everyday with a sinking feeling in your stomach knowing that you have to go to work.

Ok, maybe it's not that bad - but you act like a zombie throughout your workday and before you know it you're doing the same thing again the next day.   You dream about Friday 5:00 p.m when you can let loose, inebriated and forget about all the minutiae of work - starting Monday afternoon.  Or maybe you start drinking after work on Monday and continue on with that for the next five days. 

The problem is you just started the workweek and already you're thinking about the weekend!

Sound all too familiar?  You're not alone.  In fact, I have been describing "me" for over the past five years.  I am now at a cross-roads in my life determining whether or not I should leave a stable, good paying job I have to pursue my passion and dream.  And when I talk about stable, my job is as stable as you can get.  Now, why would I make such a seemingly impulsive decision over a passion in which the industry is volatile at best?   Where I would have to start from scratch and only dream about making the income I currently make years from now.

Because I have become stale.  Because I cannot have a job just to accrue benefits and pension that I will obtain...25 years from now.  Because my zest for life, even outside of work, has been sucked dry.  Because I have become souless.

Now, I am still weighing my options as to whether I should leave my job.  I'm risk-averse, so I literally have to weigh all the pros and cons to make that decision.  And even then I may not quit.  However, with that said, the following 5 reasons tip the scale as to why I should leave my job pronto:

1)  The longer I stay at my job my self-esteem and dignity continue to erode:   Yes, you can  make a good salary but at the end of the day, if you have a job you do not enjoy, your self-esteem and dignity begin to erode.  Hence, people tend to drink or drown themselves by playing video games or watching television to forget about the workday. 

When you are at a job you dislike or not passionate about, you are going against your true self.  I ask myself, can I quantify my self-esteem and dignity?  Is it worth less than the amount that I make to warrant staying?

Recently, I have been waking up more times than not thinking about what my self-esteem is worth.  Despite having a good paying job with great benefits and perks, I can definitively state that my salary is not worth more than losing my self-esteem and dignity.  This thought is getting louder everyday. 

2)  Lack of passion means my work product is average, at best:  I go to work everyday and simply go through the motions.  Ask me what the highlight of my day was, and I will not remember (maybe what I ate for lunch but nothing work related). 

Not doing your best everyday erodes your self-esteem.  I know that with my job, I produce half of what my capabilities are, but at the same time I lack the will to give it my all.  As a result, I end up feeling guilty and shameful.  And I lose the understanding of gratefulness because I expect this salary without working hard for it. 

3)  I lost my sense of purpose in life:  Spending more than eight hours a day (for me with the commute it totals 10+ hours) at work doing something that you don't care about or even loathe makes you lose your sense of purpose in life.  I am beginning to believe that we are here for a reason and we all have our respective purposes in life - our dharmas.  When you are at a job that you can only mildly tolerate, you are going against your dharma.  Which for me ultimately means I am going against myself everyday, which further deteriorates my self-esteem.

4)  My bitterness about my job permeates into other aspects of my life:  I did not realize this until recently, but over the past years I have become increasingly bitter and that bitterness has slowly crept into other aspects of my life.  Despite disliking my job, I centered my life around work - needing to sleep by a certain time to function the next day, not going out on Sunday so that I can mentally prepare for the work week.  Basically I was unproductive on the weekends because by Saturday night, and especially on Sunday I felt like I needed to get ready to tackle the following work week. 

I hate to admit this, but I also became jealous of hearing about friends who loved their jobs or took the risk to change their jobs to follow their passions.  For some reason, I felt and still feel so beholden to my job thinking that they are the lucky ones and I am stuck in my situation.

5)  I end up spending most of my earnings on buying things I don't need and wasting my time watching television to forget about work:  Do you find yourself doing the same?  I know I do this to fill the void I feel at work.  So really, I could have a job that I love wherein the salary is a half or a third less and just cut back on all the wasteful spending.   And if I had a job that I loved, I would not feel the need to watch reality television everyday to mask all the agony I have going to my job. 

So that is the top 5 reasons that tip the scale in favor of quitting my job and moving on with life.  One caveat is that my top 5 list is only based on my experience and circumstances.  I don't have kids and I don't have a mortgage, and thus, I feel fortunate to have the ability to make that decision to move on should I decide to do so.  The only person holding me back from moving on with life is me. 

What are your top reasons for wanting to leave or making the decision to leave your job?