When a elderly family member refuses your help it can be frustrating when you know they are having difficulty. It is really hard dealing with their refusal, but you need to try to understand the reasons behind the resistance. It is important to deal with your loved one's feelings.

Start small and try suggesting just one change at a time. Begin with a small one. For someone with a hearing loss, for instance your first step could be a telephone amplifier purchase for them. Then later, an assessment could be made for a hearing aid and or using a personal amplification system, through which voices or music are transmitted directly into a headset.

Introduction ideas slowly increases the chances for acceptance. The more your loved one feels a sense of control in planning, the better it will be for everyone and their well-being and safety.

Suggest a trial period and try it for a month sometimes will also help. Some people are more willing to try out assistive technology or a servie when they initially view it as short-term. Their attitude toward "trying it out" is likely to be more positive than when they feel "forced."

Give a gift, some families find it works to give an assistive device, a home modification or service as a gift. It might be a Christmas gift of hair appointments for the woman who has difficulty brushing her hair. It could be home-delivered meals as a get-well gift after surgery. Or perhaps it's devices to make work in the kitchen easier as a birthday gift. It's best to demonstrate how the device works-then follow up to see if it is working well for your loved one.

Use someone familiar, your elderly loved on may be more willing to accept help from familiar people than from a "stranger." If that is the case, think of neighbors and friends who could help out.

Focus on your needs, this means try to tell your loved one that "I would feel better if you had some help." Or you could say, "I would feel more comfortable that someone was here when I'm not able to be here."

Helping your loved one is difficult but Love is why we all do it.