Scottsdale Tutoring

The downturn in the economy has led to many school districts being forced to eliminate several teaching positions due to budget constraints. This means that classrooms will be overcrowded, and any student who is struggling in a subject will be the one to pay the price. School systems in Scottsdale, Arizona are feeling the crunch along with the rest of the nation, with fewer teaching aide positions and many teachers finding themselves without a job.


What does this mean for your child? If he or she is having trouble maintaining good grades right now, what will happen when suddenly a classroom of 30 students suddenly becomes one with 40 or more? Teachers are not going to have the time to work one-on-one or give individual attention to a student who is having trouble. Concerned parents are having to seek another form of help for their child, and most often this is by hiring a tutor to give the much-needed assistance.


Scottsdale has hundreds of qualified people who are available to help with anything from simple homework assignments, SAT prep, individual subjects, or even just a quick “brush up” on subjects already learned to keep the mind sharp. Your child may not tell you that he or she is having problems, but you will know it when you get the report from the teacher. Waiting to see if things will improve will only increase the chance that your child will fall further behind, so it’s essential that you start your hunt for a qualified tutor right away.


Make a list of what it is you are looking for when you start out. Do you only need someone who can help your child get back on track with his or her studies, or do you need an individual who can give in-depth guidance?  Many parents feel that the only way to keep their child from failing completely is to hire a tutor, and in most cases, they are right. Make sure that the person you hire is an expert in the subject your child needs. A “math whiz” isn’t going to be much help if the subject is something other than that.


Speak with the tutor to determine what type of program he or she  will use to help the student develop the skills needed to master a difficult subject. Does he/she have a specific method in mind? No two students learn at the same level, so it is important to have an individual program in place. Tutors who excel at what they do will have the patience and understanding to take the sessions slowly and one step at a time. Anyone who seems to be in a hurry and just wants to “get it over with” is not the person you want to hire.


Scottsdale tutors can be found online, at local colleges, and high schools in the area. Once you feel you have located someone who fits the needs of your particular child, meet with him/her in person to discuss or ask any questions you have. Ask for references from people they have previously worked for, as well as the students they have tutored. A qualified tutor who has been doing this for a while should have plenty of references, especially if he or she is exceptionally good at what they do.


Tutoring sessions normally take place in your home, but can also be somewhere else if need be. The library or high school are good places to inquire about. Online tutors are able to speak with and conduct sessions right from your home computer. This also works out very well for all concerned. The student is able to remain at home, chat with the tutor, receive assignments, and work just as well as if the tutor was physically in the room. In fact, you may locate the right person online who may not even be from Scottsdale but is a perfect “fit.” The internet does come in handy for other things besides social networking!