Prison sentences are given to people who have committed an illegal activity. The severity of a crime depends upon the time received, or at least they should. The crime presented should be taken into consideration and rehabilitation should be given during the prisoners time there.. The incarcerated should be evaluated by psychotherapist for internal problems that had not been resolved at the time of the prison sentencecrime, especially before they are released into population. For example prisoners who have committed sex crimes, murders, and obscene crimes should remain in prison.

Overpopulation is common now in most prisons because of the increase in the crime rate. The economy has gone down, therefore people have become desperate and participate in illegal acts. This has happened because of the lack of resources for prisoners who have been released without proper evaluation. They then become repeat offenders committing crimes to be locked up again because they do not know how to live on the outside. It is difficult to find a good paying job after you have been convicted of any felony. They may sometimes resort to a life of crime where they will be able to make a profitable income and take a chance at being locked up again.

Sex offenders, murderers, and rapists should be some of the people to be retained , but given the oppurtunity to prove themselves. Those who show no improvement should remain imprisoned for a substantial amount of time or released into a high security environment where they can be analyzed by a professional. There should be more programs available for prisoners who have committed low impact crimes such as burglary, drug crimes, etc. Those people that cause alarming harm to the community need to remain imprisoned and those whose crimes have not detrimentally harmed anyone need to be released. This will make room for those who need to be imprisoned as opposed to those who can be rehabilitated and let go. Repeat offenders should get an extended sentence instead of a slap on the wrist.Then they may be able to comprehend the extent of their crime and the fact that they have had continuous chances and will not be granted amnesty.