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Pregnant women often wonder, "when does morning sickness end?" There are many variables that can play a role in how long morning sickness will last. The most important thing to understand is that this condition is a natural process that occurs with many women during their first months of pregnancy. It is nothing to be alarmed about.

Before asking, "When does morning sickness end?” get to know what it is all about first. Morning sickness is the body's way of coping with the changes that occur when a women has conceived a child. It is not the most pleasant of pregnancy side effects. That nauseated feeling mixed with vomiting is enough to convince some women that something is wrong with the baby. Quite to the contrary, morning sickness is routine, but not all women suffer from it. So when does morning sickness start?

Morning sickness is usually evident by the sixth week or pregnancy. It occurs because of the increased hormones developing in the mother's body. Healthcare providers often believe that morning sickness is actually a good sign. It is a sign that the placenta is growing properly. If morning sickness seems to be continuing for longer than it should, contact a doctor. There is a time where mothers should ask themselves "when does morning sickness end?" in order to draw a conclusion as to whether it is actually morning sickness or the development of a problem.

To determine if it is actually morning sickness, define the depth of the "illness". For instance, if the vomiting spells seem extreme, it may be a sign that something else is wrong. When in doubt, it is essential to contact the doctor immediately to confirm that it is morning sickness. It could also be a sign of hyperemesis gravidarum. If that is the case, the condition is potentially dangerous for mother and baby. The doctor will be able to guide the mother in the safest direction so that both the mother and child remain as healthy as possible during the pregnancy. Otherwise, the mother can start asking the question, "Why Pregnant Women Vomit?"

There are several things that will trigger morning sickness in pregnant women. Odors/aromas are the most common of them. For instance, some women begin to feel nauseous upon smelling certain foods. Others may feel sick when they smell garbage. The sense of smell appears to be heightened in the early phases of pregnancy. Avoiding triggers such as this will help pregnant women avoid having to ask the question, "when does morning sickness end?", because the number of episodes is lowered.
Morning sickness(106021)Credit: google imagesIn order to overcome the feeling of morning sickness, there are some things pregnant mothers can do. Keep dry crackers on hand and eat dry toast to settle the stomach. Avoid getting up too quickly, as this can unsettle the stomach even further.


Slow movement from a lying or sitting position is optimal while suffering morning sickness during pregnancy. Most importantly, eat healthy foods during meals, taking caution about eating unhealthy snacks between meals. This will help the body balance out more quickly.

Morning sickness will start to taper off after approximately 14 to 16 weeks into the pregnancy. There are occasions that it will last longer. All signs of morning sickness should be alleviated by the twentieth week of pregnancy. If it has been longer than that and the question remains, "when does morning sickness end?” it is time to consult with the doctor to find out if there are other problems that exist creating the feeling of sickness. The doctor can run tests to find out the exact cause of the illness to take action so mother and baby can remain safe.

Morning sickness may feel like it will never end. It is, however, a temporary condition that mothers often do not remember much of when all is said and done. When mom stops having to wonder, "when does morning sickness end?” and Is Morning Sickness a Good Sign she can enjoy the rest of her pregnancy. It is an enjoyable experience from the time the baby first flutters until the first contraction. Morning sickness happens to be just one small part of the beautiful process of becoming a mother. Enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible and use all the methods for easing morning sickness as much as possible. The final results are worth it.