Hawaii LivingCredit: Ken MuiseEveryone wants to go to Hawaii on vacation.  Maybe you’re looking to make that dream
vacation come true.  Believe me, there’s no better place to do it than on the Hawaiian Islands.  Or, (and this is the greatest deal) maybe you have friends or family that live in Hawaii and you were invited down to spend some time with them in paradise.  There is a time of the year when your trip to Hawaii will be the cheapest.  And I'm about to show you when that is and how to start looking to save mad money on your vacation!

When to Vacation in Hawaii

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The cheapest time to travel to Hawaii will be from about the beginning of August to the middle of December.  This includes all prices and costs from airfare, lodging and activities while you’re on the islands.

Why are those the best time?  Well, plainly said, that’s when everyone in the world doesn’t usually plan to converge on Hawaii.  And don’t assume that it’s only people from mainland USA who are coming on their own Hawaiian vacation.  The islands are a worldwide coveted vacation destination.  Different countries, different seasons and different cultures and it all comes down to those 18 weeks between August and mid-December that is you’re best time to travel for the greatest deals.    If you travel during that time frame it will almost feel like you have Hawaii all to yourself.

When to Pay for that Vacation: Heads in Beds and Butts in Seats

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Okay, here’s how most of the costs associated with airfare works.  The airline industry is well aware of lull in Hawaiian travel and vacation plans that normally occurs during the fall.  That means they’re not making the kind of money that they make during peak season.  They accept it as a loss.  What they don’t want to accept are empty seats.  Empty seats means that they’re not only making less than normal but, instead, absolutely nothing.

To you, the consumer, that means that you’re already getting a lower price.  If airlines start realizing that they’re not going to fill those seats then they lower the prices even more.  See where we’re going with all of this? 

And the same goes for the hotel industry.  If the airline industry is concerned with “butts in seats” then the hotels in Hawaii want to put “heads in beds”.  The pricing and the drops all work the same way.

What to Pay for Your Hawaiian Vacation

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You can expect round trip tickets from the west coast to Hawaiian destinations run about $450 to $650 bucks.  If you’re flying from the east coast or Midwest then you can expect to pay about $300 more, in most cases.  And those prices are all a couple of hundred bucks more expensive than in past years.  The airline industry is feeling the cost of fuel and security just as much as the traveler.

As far as Hawaiian hotels go during the slow season, that’s a different story.  Because you have high-end and low-end accommodations the prices have a larger disparity.   All in all, I wouldn’t spend more than $75 (low) to $125 (high) per night during this Hawaiian slow season.


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Start looking for the best Hawaii deals to start popping up in the early summer for your fall travel.  No matter when you come to the islands, I’ll personally guarantee great weather, a fun time and enough memories to fill up a digital photo album.

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