We live in a time which can be very stressful. We also live in a time where alcohol, as a drug, is freely available for any adult to consume. Sometimes this alcohol is also available for minors, but that is another problem. So how do you know that you have an alcohol problem? And when do you think you should consider alcohol detox as a solution to that problem?

For the vast majority of people who drink alcohol, they do it as a way to relax or way to socialize. They will drink alcohol when they are going out to party, and they having a meal, or they will consume it just relaxing with family and friends, but the vast majority of people will know when to stop, they will know that their limit is one of two glasses of wine, or a couple of cold beers. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who cannot control the amount of drinking that they do. They either cannot stop drinking once they have started or they start drinking with the express purpose of not stopping until they are highly intoxicated.

Alcohol detox is a way of dealing with the problems that these drinkers are facing. In the previous example, the drinker who starts out drinking with the intention of getting drunk is known as a binge drinker. A lot of the time these people will not drink every day, they may only drink once or twice a week, but once they do go out drinking they will not stop until they cannot drink anymore. This not only puts the body under massive pressure from a health perspective, it also puts the person under immense danger because they cannot control themselves in any way, shape, or form. This person needs more rehabilitation help than they need detox. For them, alcohol detoxification is purely a way of overcoming the dreadful hangovers that they are experiencing the day after the mad drinking bout.

The second example is of a person who does not know when to stop. Sometimes these people cannot get through a day without drinking, often they are focusing only on the next time that they can have a drink, and once they have one drink this leads onto the second, and the third, and so on. Quite often this person will need alcohol detoxification before any rehab begins.

The similarity in both of these cases is that the reasons for the alcohol problem need to be understood before any progress can be made. In both cases, the person should pay a visit to their family physician in order to discuss what type of alcohol related problems they are suffering from and possible solutions to those problems.