If you are beginning a workout regime and are wondering about the supplements that are found at places like The Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, below is a guide to help you understand what they are and how they help your workout.

Antioxidants are great after a workout. When you work out you are releasing free radicals that lead to inflammation and soreness. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E sweep up these free radicals before they are given the chance to do any damage to your body. Antioxidants should be a part of every workout, as they are very beneficial to your overall energy level and well-being.

Vitamin B Complex
Before your workout take Vitamin B Complex to add a burst of energy. The vitamins help metabolize the proteins, fats and carbs in your body and the energy they produce will not leave you with a crash as caffeine does. Vitamin B Complex is great to take before a cardio workout; you will have more stamina to continue the workout and not be left feeling worn down afterwards.

Iron Supplements
Iron supplements are extremely important to anyone who may be anemic that wants to work out. The iron will transport oxygen into the cells of the muscles and keep your energy level high.

Body Building Supplements
If you are trying to get a ripped body and have exhausted yourself with working out, try adding supplements to your workout for optimal results. It can be tough to take in the amount of protein and carbs needed to obtain a muscular physique; this is why supplements are used. You can take the supplements in a variety of forms including pills, powders and even in shakes or protein bars. The supplements help to build muscle and are a great addition to your regular workout.

This supplement is great for creating endurance for your long workout. This is a popular supplement for runners and cyclists. Creatine is naturally absorbed by the liver and offers a burst of energy as well as a stamina for optimal performance when taken before the workout begins.

Beta Alanine
This is an amino acid that creates an increase in the carnosine levels. It has been proven that people with higher levels of carnosine perform better and have more stamina in their workouts. Unlike caffeine which causes the body to crash, these natural supplements will leave you feeling energized after a hard workout.

You can speak to a specialist at a specialty shop that sells vitamins and supplements to find out which are best for your workout needs. Supplements are a great way to add back what is depleted from the body after a workout and also to give the body a boost with energy, stamina or endurance. Always speak to your doctor before adding supplements to your daily routine to ensure that you are giving your body something that it needs.