If you are currently thinking of getting professional help with marriage problems then you have probably been battling these problems for some time to no avail. Truly, we can only do so much in trying to work out marital problems on our own.

There will indeed come a time when a professional's input becomes necessary in order to come up with a permanent solution to whatever the core problem is. But how do you know when you have done enough and it is the right time to seek help elsewhere?

You can use the tips discussed below.

When you start having really serious problems that you think may have the potential to destroy your marriage, you should make it a point to talk to your spouse. This means having a real conversation – not an argument. And it means talking calmly and as objectively as possible.

Most importantly, it means listening to each other and hearing each other out. More often than not, it is a breakdown in communication which ultimately leads to the destruction of a marriage.

If you feel that you and your spouse are not ready or capable of having a calm conversation just yet then try a few non-verbal communication techniques. Methods like writing notes can be a big help with marriage problems. You can hardly shout in a letter, and people are more apt to share what they feel openly in a letter than in an actual confrontation.

Of course, in writing down your feelings, be careful not to point fingers and place blame entirely on your spouse. Again, be as objective as possible.

If both verbal and non-verbal communication no longer works for you then it is the right time to seek outside help with marriage problems. There are several marriage counseling methods and you can choose the method that suits your personalities and needs best.

You can even choose to go on a marriage counseling or marriage support retreat if you prefer. Finally, the most important part of strengthening your marriage is your willingness to change, sacrifice a bit and compromise a lot.