In some countries, domestic help in the home is so affordable that just about everyone who has a job has a maid as well.  In other countries, having a maid is regarded as a luxury.  It should not be however, as there are many reasons people should hire a maid service.  Depending on your situation, you may only need someone to come once a week, once every other week or even once a month.  If you have considered hiring a maid service, but you are not convinced it is something you can afford, have a look at this list of reasons why you should.  Or at least start making provisions in your budget to hire one soon.

If You Work Long or Crazy Hours

If you are focused on your career at the moment (or you are a lawyer and bound to be focused on it for life), than any free time you get should be spent recharging your mind and body, not making sure your home is not becoming a toxic waste dump.  Your reason for working such long hours may be that you are hoping to put aside some money.  However, committing all of your energy to your work means that going home to piles of laundry may just push you over the edge.

If You Work From a Home Office

If you work from home, then you need to make sure there is also plenty of time to enjoy your home.  This is unlikely to happen if you spend all day working and then still need to work to keep up with the housework.  You may think it is easier to quickly pop a load of washing from the washer to the dryer in the middle of the day, but you may find that you begin to resent being at home, especially if working from home makes it easier to put in extra hours at the office.  It may also be easier for you to allow a maid service into your home as you are likely to be there while they are.

If You Would Rather Spend Your Evenings with Family and FriendsHire a Maid Service to Do Your Cleaning for YouCredit: chelle @ morgueFile

You may have a normal nine to five in an office (plus travel time of course) and your stress levels aren't normally in a dangerous red zone, but you are trying to spend more time on the things that count in life.  Sure you want the beautifully clean home, but your social life is more important.  And cleaning isn't for the weekends, that's when you hit the grocery store and the sales and visit with your mother.  If you are trying to fill your calendar, it is a good idea to hire a maid service, as they will free up the time you wish to spend on other things.

If Your Kids Have Made You Into a Taxi Service

So you spend all of your time running around do you?  After school it is one practice or another.  Wednesday nights you have a basketball game and Saturday mornings you have ballet recitals.  Then there is the forgotten science project you need to run out and get supplies for.  It all adds up to the fact that you get no time for yourself.  If this describes you then it is time to hire a maid service.  Sure you have enough hands around the house that should be able to help, but have you looked at their schedule?  They need the time to rest as all.

If You Have a Large HomeRather Not Vacuum Hire a Maid ServiceCredit: earl53 @ morgueFile

If your lovely big home is just for you and there are rooms that you rarely use, it doesn't mean they don't need a good clean.  It is even more crucial if you use your rooms often.  This can be an overwhelming task for a weekend afternoon.  Consider a maid service if the idea of cleaning your home is overwhelming.  When someone comes in as part of their job, it won't take you the day to clean it, which is important when you get so little free time anyhow.

If You Are a Single Parent

Single parents are notoriously short on time.  In fact given the option between more time and more money, many single parents would rather have the time.  A maid service could be the very best thing you ever invest in when your kids need you and your job needs you and one of these days you are sure that you are going to be able to shower without any interruptions.  If this is you, just make the call and chalk it up to your mental health expenses.

If You Need Something to Motivate You

If the idea of someone coming into your home always frightens you into quickly picking up the rooms they will see, then consider a weekly maid service so you never have to be visited by the Clean Home team.  Just put all the dirty clothes in the hamper and clear the dishes to the kitchen counters and when you get home from work, everything will be in order.  No more last minute vacuuming when your friend comes for a coffee.

If You Are Temporarily Disabled

Whether you have a broken arm or a death in the family has you on the mental back burner, the truth is that maintaining your home probably isn't even possible at the moment.  And when the emergency period has passed, you will still need to spend a lot of time recuperating.  The last thing you need is to catch up on a few weeks or months of housekeeping that you could have hired a maid service to handle temporarily.  

If the Idea of Cleaning Toilets Makes You IllSave Your Hands, Hire a Maid ServiceCredit: cohdra @ morgueFile

Really if you can't think of anything worse than cleaning the toilets so you simply don't do it, then it is time to call a maid service.  You may find that you only need someone to come in to do some of the heavy work such as cleaning bathrooms and moping floors while you are perfectly comfortable with the day-to-day of laundry and dishes.  And this sort of compromise will save you when it comes down to negotiating your package.

If You Want To and Can Afford It

Really, if you have made it through this list and haven't yet found a real reason to justify hiring a maid service, then this one is for you.  You just simply have better things to do with your time.  It may not be work or running a taxi service for kids.  Your better thing to do could be spending your time relaxing on the couch watching reruns of sitcoms from the 80s.  If you can find room in your budget for a maid service and you want to hire one, then just do it.  As an excuse you can always say you are providing employment opportunities and helping the world out of recession.