When to Fish

There is a lot of discussion about when to trout fish. This article will cover some of the basics in terms of time of day and season to trout fish.

Time of Day: Many trout fishermen suggest that fishing at dawn and dusk are the best times. This is not entirely true. Yes, fishing at these times can increase your chances of catching trout, but not always. During the summer, when water temperatures are warm, fishing during dawn or dusk can help you catch more trout because the water tends to cool down a bit. Fish might get a bit sluggish if the water gets too warm during the middle of the day. The minimal amount of light at dawn and dusk also provides trout with enough light to feed, but not so much that they are afraid to leave their cover. On the other hand, if you are trout fishing during the winter, you would want to fish during the warmest part of the day when the water becomes just a bit warmer. Fishing at dawn and dusk during the winter will be a little more difficult, as fish are not going to be as active as they would during a warmer part of the day.

Season: Each season has its advantages and disadvantages for trout fishing. Below are some basic things to consider when trout fishing in each season.

Spring: Spring is a great time to trout fish. When the temperatures start to warm from winter, trout become a bit more active. Spring showers and melting snows also cause the water to become a bit less clear, making it easier for trout fishermen to hide their lines and leaders. Rains and melting snow also wash insects and other bait into the streams and rivers. Fishing with worms, lures, and wet flies and nymphs is best during this time of the year.

Summer: Summer is a great time for trout fishing. As temperatures increase, trout become a bit more active. There are many insect hatches in summer, so fly fishing is a great way to go. Artificial lures like spinners also work great in the summer because minnows and other small fish become more active. However, it is important to remember that trout cannot withstand temperatures that get much above 60 degrees F. Therefore, if you are fishing during the summer, look for deep pools, riffles and small waterfalls, or other places where the water is a bit cooler. Dawn and dusk are good times to trout fish during the summer, because water temperatures are a bit cooler.

Fall: Fall is a great all-around trout fishing season. As temperatures start to cool, trout are still active throughout most of the day. Live bait, spinners, and flies are great choices during this season.

Winter: Winter is a very overlooked season for many trout fishermen. Winter can be a great time to trout fish for the simple fact that there are not as many fishermen on the water. If you are fishing during winter, you just want to remember that trout are not going to be as active as they are in the warmer seasons. Therefore, you want to make sure you fish during the warmer parts of the day and present your bait, lure, or fly in a way that allows the trout to go after it with minimal effort. Trout are not going to move around a lot in winter, so you will need to sometimes put your bait right in front of them to get a bite. Natural baits like night crawlers are a great choice when trout fishing in the winter, but other choices work well too. For instance, using a spinner, if presented correctly, can be successful because most trout have not seen one in months.

The best thing to remember is that if you don’t have your line in the water, you are not going to catch trout. Just remember that trout look for optimal conditions in water. If it is too cold or hot, they are not going to be as active. They are still there, but you are going to have to be a little more precise when presenting your bait, lure, or fly.

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