Use a tripod for better pictures.

Improve your digital photography skills.

Tripods are an essential part of a photographer’s “tool-bag” but too often novice photographers fail to make use of this valuable tool. Tripods are a very inexpensive investment and come in a multitude of different sizes and functions. The use of tripods greatly reduces the number of blurry pictures and bad shots in your camera roll, but this all too neglected device rarely gets utilized as often as it should. It's very unfortunate that tripods are as under utilized as they are because they are pretty inexpensive. For as little as $1 at most dollar stores you can purchase a basic, miniature tabletop tripod.


Moving Objects

If you ever plan on taking pictures of moving objects, particularly fast-moving objects it’s a must that you use a tripod. Taking pictures of your little one at play in the backyard or in a little league game can yield some pretty blurry results. That’s because it's nearly impossible to get a good crisp, sharp shot of a fast-moving object without a tripod. Similarly, if you attend a lot of sporting events and want to get good, blur free pictures of the action then a tripod is the way to go. A standard sized tripod will do the trick in most cases. You can purchase a tripod for around $20 at most retail stores. The bottom line is that if you want to eliminate motion blur this is a great investment to add to your photo taking arsenal.


Nighttime Photography

Have you ever attempted to take a picture a picture outdoors between dusk and dawn? Chances are the results were horrible if you weren’t using a tripod. There are many reasons why you might want to try your hand at nighttime photography; maybe you want to take some scenic pictures at night, or perhaps you want to take pictures of your outdoor Christmas light display.  Even though newer digital cameras have various scenic modes, including nighttime scenes, this setting alone won’t guarantee a good shot. To optimize your chances of getting cool, unique shots, be sure to use a tripod along with the nighttime setting on your camera.



Video Mode

If you ever plan on using your camera’s video mode, then it’s a great idea to use a tripod. A tripod will prevent arm fatigue and eliminate camera shake. You can set up a standard tripod and be free to roam around while the camera rolls or if you need to be mobile and maintain a steady shot you can use a monopod. A monopod (also called a unipod) is a variation of a tripod. Instead of three legs monopods are just one long pole that you mount your camera to and hold with your hand, similar to a microphone boom arm.  The added bonus of using a monopod is that you can monitor the action and keep your camera stable while still being able to move around and go where the action is.



Get In the Action

There’s no reason why you should be left out of group shots and family pictures year after year. You don’t have to lug around a big bulky tripod to achieve this, either. You can pack a mini tripod in your camera bag for occasions like this. When its time for those group shots all you have to do is prop your mini tripod up on a stack of books or some furniture that is the appropriate height. Get behind the lens and make any necessary adjustments like zoom in or out, set your camera’s self timer and jump into the shot before the shutter releases. Now everyone can be in the shot- even the photographer.


Vantage Point

Grippable tripods are flexible tripods with rubber legs that can be bent to wrap around various surfaces. These types of tripods are great for achieving unusual angles. They can be used almost anywhere, even when there are no flat surfaces to sit a camera or tripod on. You can wrap the legs of this tripod around tree branches, poles, and street signs for unique angles on outside shots. For inside shots you can secure your grippable tripod to stair rails or table legs for a different perspective. This tripod is great if you like to experiment with different shots and angles because this tripod is great you have more versatility.



A tripod is an important tool for anyone who want to take better pictures with their digital camera.  Tripods can be purchased at any where that cameras are sold including every mass merchandise retail store including, Best Buy, Walmart and Target. Invest in this great piece of equipment now for better pictures later. Remember, every good photographer has a tripod.