Right time to quit your job

Warning signs to know it is time to quit your job

      I used to work in the IT industry , and initially was a proud citizen of the cubicle nation . I went in with a lot of dreams hoping to make it big , seeing visions of me being a manager and earning a 6 figure income.I worked my way from a small company , got into a bigger company and I noticed a  strange thing ,  although I was getting a better income , the type of job wasn’t making me any happier.

      While studying they tell you , get good grades ,work hard and I was naïve enough to believe that to make it out there the only thing that is needed was results. How wrong was I ! . When I got into a big reputed company , I was really happy because it was something that I never dreamed of and I went in thinking that I would retire from there. As is the case with everyone I was very excited at the beginning and I used to deliver the work on time and in good quality , my team that I was assigned to changed and that was when the problem started .My new work was extremely boring but I still delivered hoping that at the end of the day , I would still be recognized for what I did and I would reap the rewards.

        It was during my appraisal , that I went in for a shock , they told me that although I delivered everything that was asked of me , they expected more . Promotion denied. I realized then that what mattered more than the actual work was the perception of the work that you do. These are usually the warning signs that you need to leave your job.

1)      You don’t enjoy your job anymore – You might have outgrown the job that you were doing and doing the same old repetitive tasks doesn’t motivate you anymore . If you aren’t learning anything new , my advice ? Leave , don’t stick around hoping for things to get better , you can have a chat with your manager but if still things don’t improve , then it’s time for you to move on. I made the mistake of staying too long because I wanted security , but staying too long on a job you don’t like will make you lose your confidence and your motivation .You aren’t doing any favors to yourself or to the company that you work for if you are always in a bad mood. No good comes without taking a few risks .Unless you leave that shell that you created around yourself , you will never know what you are capable of doing. I know how the familiarity of knowing what you are going to do the next day , where you are going and the people that you meet in the office will give you a false sense of security , trust me when I say you might as well be digging your own grave.

 2)      You have created the wrong perception – Due to the above reason I mentioned , once you lose your motivation , that lack of interest can be noticed by others  and although you perform your tasks admirably , they may have the perception that you aren’t doing your work because you are not involved with the discussions. Changing a perception is hard work and by the time you change it , you will realize that a lot of time has already been passed. Although it is admirable to try to stick it out , how much time are you willing to waste before you realize that whatever you do , the perception of you being a slacker will not change ?.You are not going to get your time back.

 3)      You are passed over for promotion – It is a torture seeing yourself being passed over for promotion and seeing somebody else who has maybe got lesser knowledge and experience go ahead of you. If you are passed over more than once , then it is your green signal for you to start posting your resume in job sites.

 4)      People start talking behind your back – You cannot be in the same position for too long . In a company there are expectations that you should be at a certain level for so many years of experience , whether you are capable is a whole another question , but once they see a senior guy at a junior level , do you thing that juniors are going to respect you ?, do you think that what you say is going to matter ? The only thought that is going to go through their head is , if he is so smart how come he’s still here ?.Respect is the most important thing any person needs , the money that you get comes only a distant second.

 5)      You start getting physically sick – When you are so tired to get up from bed , have pains on your whole body and feel so nauseated that you feel like puking , then you know it is time for you to search another job aggressively. Life is too short and work takes the majority of our time , it isn’t worth it if you feel ill all your waking moments.

 6)      Getting a better compensation – Everyone has got a family to support and if you got a better offer somewhere else , you might as well take it provided that you do your homework and know that the new role that you take will be something that you enjoy. You should never take a job simply because they pay you better , it has got to be something that suits your profile. If you simply jump jobs because of the higher pay and nothing else then you are sacrificing long term gains for short term profits. 

                   I hope this article has been helpful to you and will help you make your decision.