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See Paris

Like most European Countries there is much to do and see when you visit France. This article looks at three must-see things in the capital city of France. Paris, just like other cities in Europe has certain sights that just have to be viewed like the Leaning Tower in Italy or Park Guell by Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. The trouble is that, there are so many things to see and do when you visit new places for the first time. Matching your available time to the distance between sights is a time management task that cannot be set in stone. You might allow one hour visiting the Louvre Museum and then end up spending an entire day there. There are many such distractions when you visit new places in Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries but these are the three I have selected for a French Parisian visit.

See Paris by day and by night

Visit the Iron Lady (Eiffel Tower)

Fully lit Eiffel Tower at nightThe Parisian streets become alive at night and the spectacularly lit buildings add to the ambience of this beautiful city. The main spectacle is the Eiffel Tower (La dame de fer) which looks so tiny when viewed from a distance but is ever so impressive when you stand underneath the nearly 1000 foot tall tower structure. This famous iron structure was, in its day, the tallest in the world, offering views right across the capital city, Paris. Gustave Eiffel was the man who designed the tower which was to take 2 years to build, finishing in 1889. The Eiffel Tower has 3 viewing levels and many hundred steps but there is a lift too for visitors. The Eiffel Tower should be visited twice: once during the day and then again at night when the tower is illuminated.

Visit the Palace of Versailles

Château de VersaillesVersailles golden palace gates

This most beautiful palace is only a few miles from the center of Paris and was formerly a royal château.  Versailles is very much at the heart of Paris but it once was a tiny suburban village, but that was hundreds of years ago. The Versailles Court used the building and the Royal family lived in the magnificent palace. The Gardens of Versailles are in keeping with the magnificence of the Versailles Palace and are kept in immaculate condition. The image of the golden palace gates shows just a snippet of the opulence to be found at the Palace of Versailles.

Life is a cabaret 

Come to the Moulin Rouge

Le Moulin RougeThe Moulin Rouge (Red Mill) is located near the Montmartre district of Paris. Moulin Rouge is world famous cabaret venue and is the place where the can-can dance was introduced. The naughty but nice can-can was the most seductive dance in its day and is still providing entertainment for visitors. A sense of romance exudes from the venue which is a huge tourist attraction. Many people from around the world have been entertained at this remarkable historic venue which retains the romantic feel and décor of days gone by. Moulin Rouge for cabaret was built in the late 19th century. There are many other famous landmarks in France (outside Paris) that are worthy of a visit but if your time (or choice) is limited then I would recommend these three above all others.

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