We all, in our own right, have practical abilities to make judgements on when the economy will begin to turn around. More and more of us are asking ourselves, "When will it all get better?" As I assess market conditions, the rate of unemployment, and the likeliness of continued stimulus support, I've identified a few key indicators that are potential signs of a recovering market.

Households will have positive cash flow above what it takes to survive on a daily basis. It all starts with us and our ability to produce income enough to purchase goods for those we are responsible for. At this time, even more millions of households are finding it increasingly difficult to put food on the table. With the ability to feed ourselves, we must also have the means to earn income to pay for our primary residences, utilities, and the bills associated with that environment. Unfortunately, millions more are defaulting on their mortgage payments simply because they cannot afford it. Only when enough income is present to not only cover such necessities as food and shelter can we even consider spending extra money on luxuries such as a cup of coffee or even buying those nice pair of shoes at the department store.

There is a rising demand for goods and services. When we have resolved our inability to cover the costs of food and shelter only then can we begin to set our sights on those nice-to-have items. Certainly, our purchases will begin slowly and only with items that are inexpensive while slowly building up to larger purchases. A signal of this will be such things as using dry cleaning services on a regular basis when in the past you wouldn't even think of taking your clothes to the cleaners. Another symbol would be that you find your self spending a few dollars more for popular brand name goods instead of the generic versions.

Consumers have confidence. The summation of the above indicators is one's ability to have confidence in his or her purchasing power. Sure, one can use credit but this is a false indicator as it boils down to this person's ability to make those monthly payments in such a manner that the credit card companies consider to be appropriate to each individual; if you don't have capital to make your monthly payment above the minimum then that's a sure sign that your having money problems. A confidence in spending translates into many things from being able to take the family on vacations to being able to go out to dinner on a regular basis from being able to completely seeing a home project from start to finish.

In light to all of these milestones, not every person may have these challenges. Your environment is also a great influence in your life and will clearly dictate your ability to find your place in the local workforce; while some markets in the United States are not experiencing the lows of our economy, there are other areas that would be considered the hardest hit. Keep in mind that while you and I may consider our own respective situations unbearable, there are certainly others who have it worse than we do. Keep your head up!