For those of us who need to watch our weight, I have a few tips for you that will help with this process:

First if you are exercising and dieting at the same time, you may loose pounds or you may loose inches it is a rare occasion that you will loose both at the same time - our body just does not work that way so keep this in mind and don't get discouraged.

To clear up the White vs. Brown mystery: while white pasta, rice etc... seems to have the same calories and fat as Brown - the reason to eat Brown is that the body breaks it down better and uses it better (this is a plus for weight loss)

Cereal breaks down in the body much better with milk then DRY cereal.

When we are hungry we tend not to go for something to eat we go for something that TASTES good which most of the time is something not so GOOD for us to eat. Before you grab a Twinkie or a candy bar think twice there are many healthy snack to fill you up that are good for you - EX: peppermint patty is a low fat enjoyable candy, Fruit takes the craving for sweets away and is very good for you, Pretzels are a better snack then chips - Think before you GRAB

If you drink - UTLRA beer is better then regular beer, Wine is better then alcohol

Now I have heard from more then one source - It doesn't matter how late you eat (even if you eat before bed) What does matter is the amount of calories you have eaten for the day - If you haven't eaten your calorie allowance for the day then you are ok - USUALLY you tend to have eaten all your calories for the day and then by eating late night you are adding to your daily allowance and that is where the weight gain is.

Think and eat healthy - Read the labels before grabbing something you will be surprised by calories and fat grams in food you thought were healthy.