Family Secrets

How would you like to find out one day, that the person, who thought was your sister, was really your mother? This has indeed happened to some people, and here are a few notable examples.

Eric Clapton

Musician Eric Clapton, grew up with his grandmother, Rose, and her second husband, believing that they were his parents. His mother Patricia Clapton, was actually only 16 years old, when she gave birth to Eric, but he grew up believing that she was his older sister. In his book Eric Clapton: The Autobiography, Clapton talks about how he heard his aunt ask his grandmother, the woman he thought was his mother "Have you heard from his mum?"His aunt was referring to him, and at the age of seven, he was extremely confused.

Eric ClaptonCredit: Wikipedia

Clapton believes that his mother who gave birth to him in a bedroom at the back of his grandmother's house, became pregnant to a Canadian military man, who was probably married. Later his mother did actually marry a Canadian airman and when she returned for a visit to the United Kingdom, when Eric was nine years old, he went to meet the boat, which also carried his mother's husband and two children aged 6 and 2. The young Eric, who now knew who his real mother was, asked if he could call Patricia "mummy". However she replied, that it would be better if he continued with his grandparents as his mother and father.  Such a horrible rejection for a young and vulnerable boy, who spent his life thereafter searching for a mother figure.

Daughters of  Jaycee Dugard

Credit: Wikipedia

Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped on June 10, 1991, at the age of eleven, by convicted sex offender Phillip Craig Garrido and his wife. Jaycee was kept in a concealed area behind Garrido's house for eighteen years and while there, she gave birth to two daughters; Phillip Garrido being their father. Jaycee first became pregnant at the age of 13.

Garrido kept a blog called "God's Desire Church"  and it was when he sought permission to hold an event at the University of California, Berkeley, that suspicions were raised about the 3 young women accompanying this strange man. It was soon revealed that one of these young women was the kidnapped Jaycee Dugard and her daughters. The daughters knew who their father was, but they thought that Jaycee, was their older sister. Jaycee, who was really a child herself, spent much of her time while in captivity home-schooling her daughters, who were told that their mother was their older sister.

Ted Bundy

Credit: WikipediaNotorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, died in the electric chair. before his execution, he admitted to 30 homicides, but the number is probably much higher. His acts with decomposing corpses and his collection of severed heads, is something truly horrifying to contemplate. The fact that Bundy called himself a cold-hearted person, hinted that  perhaps he was aware of his deviant nature.

Bundy was born at a Home For Unwed Mothers. His father has never been identified with certainty. His maternal grandparents however, raised the young Ted Bundy as their own son, to avoid the negative social stigma to their daughter and grandson.

Bundy supposedly found out who his mother was, when a cousin told him the truth and showed him his birth certificate. Bundy however, has told different versions of this story. What is evident is that Bundy held a great deal of resentment toward his mother, for lying to him. Such a family history however, does not explain why Ted Bundy was to become a violent psychopath.

Jack Nicholson

Credit: Wikipedia Jack Nicholson  was born in New Jersey, to a  show girl named June Frances Nicholson. He was however, brought up believing that his mother was his sister, by his maternal grandparents. Six months before Jack was born, his mother June, married a showman called Donald Furcillo, who was already married. Furcillo offered to look after the unborn child (Jack) who was probably the biological child of Latvian-born Eddie King, June's manager.

Jack Nicholson only found out that his sister was actually his mother in 1974, when he was informed of the fact by a journalist for TIME magazine.

Bobby Darin

Bobby DarinCredit: wikipedia

Born with the name Walden Robert Cassotto, Bobby Darin, was a very popular American singer, songwriter and actor. Raised in the Bronx, Darin, believed his  maternal grandparents Saverio Antonio Cassotto and Vivian Fern (Walden) were his parents. His biological mother Giovannina Cassotto, he believed to be his sister. Later when he found out the truth at the age of 32, Darin was full of rage against his family.

Darin suffered from rheumatic fever as a child and suffered damage to his heart. He was also told that he was unlikely to live past the age of 30. As a teenager Darin was able to play many instruments and soon after finishing highschool he began performing in nightclubs. By the late 1950s Darin's career took off, after he recorded the tune "Splish Splash". Sadly Darin died prematurely at the age of 37.

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