It's early in February and the news weather services are calling for snow storms across the nation with 20 inches or more of snow predicted in many areas. Good if you're a snow fan I guess! Most of us have listened to and been involved in discussions regarding global warming for years, but with the recent debunking of many of those claims, the frequently heated debates have gone cold (pun). I've never been a supporter of this cause and label it aa a self serving scientific movement (even though there are many sincere people involved as well) by which an enormous amount of money is drawn into research that would be better aimed in other directions.
We all pick and choose the opinions we hold and an environmental problem I do agree is legitimate is air pollution. One has only to gaze at the clouds of smog hanging over Los Angeles, Phoenix and numerous other large cities to observe these disdainful scenes. Links between asthma and other health issues have been suggested due to these smoggy conditions and there's no doubt validity to them. The number of vehicles is probably the main source of polluting but I'm sure manufacturing plays it's part. Strides have been made to reduce vehicle and manufatcuring emissions but the seemingly infinite number autos and trucks makes too much success doubtful.
Residing in a small town, I seldom see and get to smell this condition first hand. Those living in big cities accept it as part of the bargain and deem it an unfortunate part of life. When compared to land or water pollution, it seems as if toxic air would spread faster, but that's just a guess.
Other pollution problems aside, the Copenhagen summit was extremely anti-climatic, with all the negative global warming press that preceded it. And with China and India not appearing to be onboard with any radical changes regarding their manufacturing, it's hard to imagine the rest of the international community could achieve the success they envision anyway.
Most of us try to help environmentally in some capacity even if it's limited to recycling. One line of thought says the same individuals that picket with anti global warming signs will turn up in a few years saving an endangered frog species or lobbying against a space polluting habit we humans engage in. I just hope these folks aren't as angry and unhappy as spending all this time and energy battling these injustices suggests they are. That would be a pity and I also hope they've got their snow shovels on standby.