Kung Fu DVDs2Although Kung Fu DVDs seem to represent only a small niche of the DVD market, their fans are ravenous for them. I grew up in the 1980's and I always anticipated the weekend because I would be able to watch some great kung fu movies. Most were dubbed with bad dialogue, but that just added to the entertainment value. I watched Kung Fu Theater on the USA channel. You usually got to watch two movies in a row, and I always tried to make sure I wasn't doing anything else at that time. It's a shame no stations air stuff like this no more (I'm sure they would find a market). Nowadays if you want to watch some of these classics you have to turn to DVDs. Now I know it isn't quite the same thing as watching them on TV. There is a certain appeal to watching the whole TV process versus the DVD one, but what choice does one have? DVDs are about the only answer and they're not that readily available in your local stores.

Finding kung fu DVDs today is not that easy, especially if you are looking for them at your local rental store. As a matter of fact, you'll probably have to turn to the internet to find and buy these great movies. Make sure they are dubbed in English if you want to be able to understand the dialogue. Also keep in mind some movies are known by multiple titles. A lot of the times the title was changed for the USA dubbed versions. The internet movie database is a good way to do research on this subject.

Below I've listed some of the better kung fu DVDs you can buy. This is by no means a definitive or best of list. It truly is a shame it takes so much work to track down a kung fu movie you saw when younger, but that's the reality for us who like to watch the genre. Some appeared on Kung Fu Theater and some didn't. A few are some newer titles, but still very good kung fu type movies. I hope you enjoy.

The Five Deadly Venoms (1978 / Shaw Brothers)
Return Of The Five Deadly Venoms (1979 / Shaw Brothers)
Mr. Nice Guy (1997 / Jackie Chan)
The Kid With The Golden Arm (1979 / Shaw Brothers)
Kung Fu Hustle (2004 / from Stephen Chow) (One of the better Kung Fu movies of the 2000's)
Fist Of The White Lotus (1980 / Shaw Brothers)
Shaolin Master Killer (1978 / Shaw Brothers)
The Legend Of Drunken Master (1994 / Jackie Chan)
Enter The Dragon (1973 / Bruce Lee)
Magnificent Butcher (1979)
The Prodigal Son (1983)
Rumble In The Bronx (1995 / Jackie Chan)
Spearmen Of Death (1980)Kung Fu DVDs4
Drunken Master (1978 / Jackie Chan)
Duel Of The Iron Fist (1971)
Avenging Warriors Of Shaolin (1978)
Street Gangs Of Hong Kong (1973)
The Four Assassins (1975)
Kill Bill (2003 and 2004 / Quentin Tarantino) (I may get some ridicule for this one, but you can tell he is a fan of the genre and probably use to watch Kung Fu movies on Saturday as well.)
The Flying Guillotine (1975)
Executioners Of Death (1977)

Kung Fu DVDs make great gifts for the right people and thanks to articles like these they are a little easier to find. If anyone wants to list some of their favorite kung fu movies in the comments section please do so; I'm sure anyone who reads this article will be grateful.

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