Playstation 3(64211)

The Playstation 3 is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced gaming systems on the market today. However, because of this, PS3 games are quite expensive, most of them costing $60 or more. Luckily, individuals on a tight budget can find cheap PS3 games for sale at a variety of different outlets, both at traditional brick and mortar stores and through online retailers. 



GameStop is one of the largest and most popular video game retailers in the country, and one of the few that still operates out of a physical location, as opposed to solely over the web. Visitors to GameStop can find both new and used cheap PS3 games for sale; often, the company will mark down the price of older games, and sell newer, pre-owned games for a reduced price as well.


Some individual Amazon sellers will also offer cheap PS3 games for sale. Shoppers can choose from a wide variety of new and used games (and will likely find that the used games are the cheapest). Sometimes, Amazon will also sponsor a listing of discounted PS3 games, offering their customers limited-time incentives for purchasing a particular product. Other times, individual Amazon users will compile a list of the cheapest PS3 games they have been able to locate on Amazon’s site, to better assist shoppers looking for inexpensive options.


Some of the cheapest PS3 games can be found on eBay. In fact, eBay offers online shoppers the option of narrowing their product search by price point, and will list available games from least expensive to most expensive to aid the process of bargain shopping. The site boasts an enormous collection and some older PS3 games can be purchased for as little as $1 plus shipping. Even pre-owned copies recently released games like Call of Duty: Black Ops, one of the most popular PS3 games of the past couple of years, can be found for a significantly discounted price.

JJ Games

JJ Games is another online venue that offers cheap PS3 games for sale.  Here, top-selling games like Grand Theft Auto IV can be purchased for as little as $16.75, and BioShock 2 is available for under $10. To facilitate the online shopping process, JJ Games also includes a text box on its homepage with links to its cheapest PS3 games, for anyone hunting for the biggest bargain. The condition of these games is also clearly listed (as it is on site like Amazon and eBay) as “new,” “like new,” “good,” etc. In addition to its wide game selection, JJ Games also offers PS3 systems and accessories for discounted prices.

Video game enthusiasts who may balk at the current price of PS3 games shouldn’t become too discouraged, as there are a number of ways to locate cheap PS3 games for sale. A bit of online research can help consumers find a great deal on a game they’ve been eyeing, allowing them to indulge a favorite leisure activity without breaking the bank.