The guide to buying a covered wagon. Benefits and warnings about owning covered wagons. The simplified buyers guide for covered wagons.

Times are tight but straw is still cheaper than diesel so if your looking to buy a covered wagon then here are some options for buying a covered wagon.

Justin Carriage Works

For around $5,000 you can buy a covered wagon and have it shipped to you. While this covered wagon may not be an exact replica of the pioneers covered wagons its pretty accurate looking to most people. The best part of this wagon is its functionality. It is very useable. This covered wagon is designed to be used. However if you do decide to move out west and be my neighbor I suggest you try out UHAUL first. Of course if you grew an Amish Styled beard you might just make it.Covered Wagon

Justin Carriage Works also sells many replacement parts for covered wagons.

Hansen Wheel

Hansen Wheel offer many styles of Covered Wagons. They have the traditional style of covered wagons but they also have Prairie Schooners, and the Ranch Covered Wagon among many other styles. Hansen Wheel offers a Conestoga Style Covered Wagon. The Conestoga Wagon could haul up to 5 tons.

Mule Skinner

The Mule Skinner company offers low cost option to own your own covered wagon. For $3,500 you'll get a brandnew wagon box and the running gears will be used from old wagons.

Old Western Wagons has my favorite covered wagon. For those of you who may belooking to buy a covered wagon but don't want the hassle of feeding the horses then this is your option for a covered wagon. This covered wagon will hook up to the back of your truck and can be pulled 55-60 mph down the interstate. You will get all the cool stares when you pull this baby into the KOA campground.

3 Benefits Of Owning A Covered Wagon:

  1. Look at all the money you will save on speeding tickets.
  2. Your kids will put down the videogames and Myspace and will beg to go camping.
  3. What better way to celebrate our western heritage then to ride in a covered wagon thru town on the way to the KOA campground 5 miles away!
3 warning about Owning A Covered Wagon:
  1. Do not think oit will be cool to have the horse pull your covered wagon to the tire shop for a tire rotation. The air guns will scare your horses.
  2. Wagons aren't for kids. Horses are a big responsibility. If you will not feed your horses or call a vet when needed then you should not own a horse.
  3. Wagons are for kids. Not a full sized covered wagon though. Riding the Family schooner to the drive-in theatre may seem like a good idea to you but the cars honking when the movie starts late will startle your horses. Always supervise you kids around a wagon with the horses connected.
If you purchase a wagon on Ebay make sure you check it out the same as you would if you were purchasing a car. Kick the tires, check for oil leaks,etc. Yeah I know, but you get the idea. A custom wagon ang go for over $40,000 but you can easily get a nice one for under $10,000.
When you first begin the process of choosing a wagon you need to make a choice. Decide what your purpose for buying a covered wagon is. Do I want to use horses or a vehicle to pull my trailer? Are you looking to:
  • Commute to Work daily through traffic
  • Have a really cool lawn ornament
  • A unique guest home in your backyard
  • Start a business and give people rides in a covered wagon
  • Park it in the driveway to show off to the Jones's next door.
  • Take it to the schools to help show a bit of history to the students.
  • Use it in parades
Whatever your reason is owning a covered wagon can be a lot of fun but it is going to cost you a pretty good chunk of change so you will want to read all you can and once you do buy it don't leave it out in your yard all of the time. Unless you purchased the covered wagon for a lawn ornament or a guest house.
Image Credit: (Flickr/Ken Ratcliff)