When I had my first kid, my son, I had no idea how much vomit could come out of such a little baby. We were changing Onesies 1, 2, and 3 times a day. It was really kind of crazy when I think about it.

When we actually went out to look at the prices on some of these Onesies, even at some places as cheap as Wal-Mart, it was upwards of $10 for a 3 pack. Some even more crazy Onsie packs were $20, and that's just ridiculous!

I wanted to do more to help my baby and save a little bit of money along the way. That's why I was interested in easily finding cheap baby clothes that were good enough to use with my newborn baby. If you're in a similar situation, I think you might agree with me. Let's jump into a few tips now, shall we?

Friends and Family Are Tops

Now's the time to bug all of your friends and family that have had a kid that's probably somewhere between 3 and 5 years old. Any older than that and they've probably gotten rid of everything that would be useful to you. Any younger than that and they probably still need some of the stuff.

It never hurts to ask, however, and those closest to you are probably quite okay and happy to get rid of some of the clothes that they've picked up over the years. Let me tell you, most of it's probably only been worn once or twice and is still pretty nice. Rake it in, they love you, and they'll help you out.

Oh and tell them to just give you the gift card instead of the actual brand new clothes the next time a gift giving season or birthday comes around. You're able to get so much more out of your money that way.

Garage Sales Are King

Garage sales can be an awesome place to find big bags of baby clothes. But be careful as they may not all be great. For instance, some might have holes in them, some might just be too stained to use, and some just won't fit.

Don't worry about it as most of them are going to be in decent enough shape where all you have to do is wash them real nice and they'll be as good as new. Simply take good care of your "new" clothes and then there's no problem at all.

Most of the time, garage sales can be really cheap if you get there at the right time. I'd get there early more often than not as baby clothes are one of the first things to go at these things.

However, the best part is that garage sales change every weekend. Just check back next time and see what's available. Oh and keep up with Craigslist, too. Sometimes they're posted there as individual sales or as part of a bigger garage sale.

A Very Cute Baby in Cheap Baby Clothes
Credit: Microsoft Oiffice ClipArt Gallery

Thrift Stores Rock

Thrift stores can also be a wonderful place to find baby clothes that are cheap. These are usually one or two steps above a garage sale in that they really don't accept clothes that have holes, super bad stains, or other very obvious problems.

Granted, they'll be a little bit more expensive than a garage sale, but all you have to do is go check and see what deals you can find.

Again, this is something you can check every couple of weeks, because their stock rotates regularly. If you go there and you just check every once in a while, pick up one or two items here and there for under $5, then you've made a great find and are on your way to a working inventory of awesome clothes.

These cloths are fine and all you have to really do is wash them, take good care of them, and you have a brand new set of clothes. They didn't cost a million and a half bucks like the stuff you find at the big-box retail stores.

Nothing's Cheap with a Keen Eye

If you really want to take care of your infant by finding some cheap baby clothes that will last you for a long time, then consider your friends and family, garage sales, and thrift stores as great sources. As a matter of fact, why don't you go check your local thrift store today and see what you can find? I think you might be surprised.