As rent prices continue to rise at unprecedented levels, finding good, cheap housing can be quite the challenge. For those families that are struggling with a low income, that task can often be insurmountable. Fortunately, there are resources and services available to those low-income families to help them secure cheap housing without the hassle of spending possible working hours searching for an affordable place to live.

The number of families in need of cheap, affordable housing has continued to grow in recent years. It is generally believed that a family’s rent or mortgage cost should be no more than thirty percent of their actual income. However, there are more than twelve million families that currently spend at least fifty percent of their income on rent. With that said, a variety of organizations, both governmental and non-profit, have recognized the growing need of low-income families, and have provided various programs to help them find more affordable housing.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has established three programs directly intended to help low-income families find cheap housing. In addition, there are various other state-funded programs that serve roughly the same purpose.

When looking for assistance at the state level, the first course of action that a low-income family should take is to look into public housing and section 8 options. In many cases, the state will be able to cover some of, if not all of the costs of rent in such rental and housing units. In addition to state funded assistance, many cities and states provide access to housing lotteries. The apartments that are rented through lotteries are subsidized, and as such, are excellent choices for low-income families looking for nice, cheap housing.

If you’ve exhausted all possible options for cheap housing at the state level, it may be best to look into the various federal programs that offer to help low-income families find cheap housing. The three major programs offered by the federal government to better assist low-income families are the HOME program, SHOP, and Homeownership Zone.

The HOME program was established to increase the supply of good affordable housing for families with low income. The program is generally funded through grants provided to state and local governments. The grants are generally used to help both renters and homebuyers to find affordable housing.

SHOP directs funds to non-profit organizations so that they may be able to develop infrastructure designed to provide apartments or houses for low-income families.

Finally, the Homeownership Zone focuses on reclaiming properties that may have been vacated. Through federal funding, these homes are improved with the hopes of revitalizing them so that they may serve as an affordable housing option for those families with low-income.

There are a variety of options for those low-income families in desperate need of finding good, affordable housing. By utilizing all the proper resources, it is possible to land a nice home at a cheap monthly rate. Those looking for cheap housing should contact their local and state organizations in order to find out what options are available to them.