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The Wynn Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas is one of the fancier joints on the Strip. The Wynn Casino is known for luxurious accommodations and amenities. One of their most popular amenities is the Desert Bambu products.

The Desert Bambu products include a range of personal care items such as soaps, shampoos,salt soaks, and various cosmetics. Many people who experience using the line of Desert Bambu products become a big fan of them. The problem is that the Desert Bambu line of products is only for the Wynn Hotel guests in Las Vegas and Macau.

Once you leave the Wynn and the Desert Bambu products in your suitcase runs out you may be wondering where you can buy Desert Bambu products at. Wynn Resorts owns the trademark to the Desert bamboo name and do not market these products to the public, yet you can still find them at a few different places for purchase.

Woman at SpaCredit: Flickr/PinkSherbetWynn Spa and Salon

You cannot find the Desert Bambu at your local spa, but you can buy these great products if you visit the Wynn Spa and Salon, which is located at the Wynn Hotel. You can also buy Desert Bambu at the Wynn Resort in Macau.


If you don’t live in Las Vegas or won’t be visiting anytime soon then you will find there are a few people who continually sell Desert Bambu products on EBay. If you visit the Wynn and don’t use the Desert Bambu products then bring them home with you and you can earn some money on EBay. You can find 3 packs of the trial size desert bamboo products for sale on EBay for around $21.00 plus shipping. Kind of expensive to buy, but the Desert Bambu line of products seem to be of high quality and this price is well worth it for the many connoisseurs of the Desert Bambu line of cosmetics and personal care items.

Buy Desert Bambu

The best place to but the Desert Bambu products is at EBay. If you live near Las Vegas you can always tip a few bucks to the housekeeping staff. If you do not live in Las Vegas or Macau and wish to continue using these personal care lotions, potions, and soaps then you will continually find yourself heading to EBay.

In the future more aftermarket sellers may pop out of the woodwork to begin selling this high demand product, but for now EBay seems to be the only place these sellers congregate to sell their wares. The Wynn Resort may eventually begin selling their lie of products to the general public in spas and beauty salons that are not affiliated with them.

2009 GT Aerostream bicycle for womenIf you visit the Wynn Property in Las Vegas or Macau and stay in the Hotel then you are welcome to take these products home with you that were in the room. Tip: Call the housekeeping staff and request some of the other products from the Desert Bambu products that are also available complimentary to Hotel guests but are not put into the room unless by request. You can also request a few extra of your favorite product and the housekeeping staff will happily help you. If you find the right housekeeper and give her a large tip you may be able to score a lot more product.

Desert Bambu products are becoming more and more popular as word spreads about their high quality, yet it seems that it still remains much easier to buy Marijuana then to score some Desert Bambu lemon grass scented body lotion.