Emergency Aid For Hospital and Clinic Payments

 Have you ever been in a situation in which you ask your self “where can I find help with my medical bills?” Several people all over the world ask themselves this question on a daily basis.  This is because medical care is one of the most expensive costs anyone can incur and most times occur when least expected.

Even those who are quite affluent and are able to meet most of their bills dread the day they may have to ask themselves this question.  This is because anyone can fall sick, and as you grow older, chances of getting sick are even higher.  To make matters worse, accidents happen, even when they are no fault of your own.  Landing in a hospital bed or visiting the doctor can happen to anyone, no matter how healthy they may be.

Past lifestyles, family background and accidents may cause a persons medical bill to escalate in no time.  We all know that “Health is Wealth” and any disease can wipe out a persons savings whether poor or rich. Many people without any type of coverage or policies find themselves making payments to the hospital or clinic for years.

However, all is not lost and there is hope depending on how much an individual’s medical bills have accrued.  This also depends a lot on the nature of the illness and the hospital being visited, because because private hospitals are usually more costly and exclusive. 

The following are some basic solutions to the question “where can I find help with my medical bills?”

Government assistance programs:  You will find there are many programs out there where you can find help.  From Medicare to Medicaid, to state level health insurance programs for low income families, you may be able to find the assistance you need to decrease your payments or eliminate them completely.  Go to your local courthouse and see what type of health insurance government programs you can qualify for and apply for them.  You may find all the emergency aid you need to help you get by.

Rich and kind friends:  You will find that in a lifetime, a person may have at least one or two friends who are well up financially and are also kind.  This may not necessarily be a close friend or relative, it could be an acquaintance you met at some point in your life and had a respectable and good relationship.  Why not contact such a person should you require covering your medical bills?  You may never know the outcome but chances are they would be able to help you with your medical bills.

Relatives: A prudent family puts aside some emergency funds to be used when medical emergencies occur.  A medical bill is an emergency because people do not plan to fall sick.  One can ask relatives to help pay for medical bills.  In most cases close families help each other and a group of relatives can easily raise funds to meet one of their owns medical bills.  You only need to ask.  In some cases relatives even start a fund specifically for medical aid to any member of the family.

Savings:  It is very important to start saving early for emergencies such as medical bills.  Do not wait until you become a millionaire to save for when you get sick because as humans we can fall sick anytime, and this may come in handy when you need help with medical bills.

Unused items in the house: There are so many items we do not use in our homes and may never be used again.  These items are in good condition and may be useful to someone else.  Why not sell these items and use the funds for your medical bills when required?  This is also one area that people should look into for help with medical bills should it arise.

Take time to itemize what you have been charged for:  There are cases when you can be overcharged for some items or a double entry may occur in your bill.  Since you are overwhelmed with the sickness at hand, you may not be able to take time and critically look into the details.  It is important to do so or seek assistance from someone else because doing so may help reduce your medical bills incase of overcharges.  We are all human and chances are that the person entering the details into the computer can make an error.

Talk to churches and civic groups:  Make a phone call and stop by your local church to ask for to ask if you can get help with your medical bills.  Even in rural areas, you will find many different groups out there that may be willing to assist you with your payments to the medical provider.

Be selective:  Identify chemists and hospitals that charge low fees.  When it comes to health as long as one gets good medical care you should not bring about the issue of class.  Some people would rather go to a high class hospital because it is visited by dignitaries yet the service may just be the same as the local general hospital which charge lower fees.  Seek medical bill waiver from public hospitals.

Communicate: Doctors and health givers charge can always waive some fees on their cost and are able to do so, but only if you ask.  Have the courage to inform your health giver that you are not able to meet the required bill and if you can work out a plan on how to pay it or if they can give a discount.  Just like in banks there is always a way out of a situation and communicating may help with medical bills.

Stop worrying: Worrying never make the situation better and if you stop worrying, you may be calm enough and would be in a better position to answer the question” where can I find help with my medical bills?”