Computers have become, quite frankly, the most essential household electronic device that a family can own. They have become necessary tools used for shopping, paying bills, doing school work, communicating with friends and family, and most importantly, finding jobs.

There once was a time when computer ownership was simply not possible for low-income families. While many high and middle-income families could reap the benefits of having at least one computer in the home, those from low-income families had to rely on the library and other venues to gain access to a computer. As such, individuals from low-income families were at a significant disadvantage due to never learning how to work a computer.

Fortunately, many programs have since emerged that are dedicated to providing low-income families with free computers. These programs provide computers to those in need so as to ensure that they are able to have the same opportunities as those who come from families with greater incomes. Some of these programs utilize recycled computers, whereas others distribute computers that have been donated for a cause.

One of the best-known organizations to offer free computers to low-income families is the Computer Recycling Center. This center takes refurbished computers and laptops and distributes them to low-income families and schools in impoverished areas. The program accepts unused or unwanted computers as donations, and in turn, donates them to low-income families who apply. If you are looking for a free computer, you may apply for one through Computer Recycling Center by going to their website and filling out an online application.

Another excellent program that provides free computers for low-income families is Freecycle. Like the Computer Recycling Center, Freecycle takes computers as donations, and then provides them to families that are most in need. Those interested in donating their computer can contact Freecycle through their website. If you know of somebody who could truly benefit from a free computer, it is suggested that you contact Freecycle and provide the company with the necessary information.

For those low-income families that have school-aged children, the Computers 4 Kids program is one of the very best. The program has a large number of individual charitable organizations around the country that are dedicated to providing assistance to local families. This program accepts donated computers, and then identifies families in the community that are both in need, and could benefit from computer ownership.

Because a computer is almost a requirement for so many essential tasks in life in today’s society, computer ownership has become more necessary than ever. More and more jobs are only willing to accept online applications. Computers are driving a vast array of industries, making it more important than ever that future generations are highly skilled with computers. The mentioned organizations will help you get free computers for low-income families to help close the information-age access gap that has come to exist.