Every single day people in this country fall behind and wonder; where can I get free money that I don’t have to pay back?  There are a few different places one can look to try to get something for nothing, but few are truly realistic.  In this article, I would like to go over some of the places you can get your hands on some free money, but would like to remind you that many on the list are long shots at best, so just use your best judgment.

Government Financial Help

 There are many different programs designed to help out the poor and needy that could be a source of financial help, assuming you meet income restrictions.  You will find some of the grants and entitlements you apply for are for food, financial assistance, heating assistance, and a number of other different options.  This is likely to be the most realistic idea on this list, assuming you can qualify and meet income restrictions. 

To apply for government entitlement programs, simply call or stop by the local health and human services department and see what is out there for you.  You don’t have to pay back this money and if you can meet financial guidelines, there are a number of different programs that could offer help.  Those that are substantially above the poverty level are not likely to qualify for any assistance.  In addition, those with excessive assets are not likely to get free money for bills from the government, since assets can be sold off to raise capital.

Earn It

This might not always be possible, depending on your specific situation, but there are some ways to earn free money that you don’t have to pay back.  Consider writing for money, selling unwanted items on eBay, or starting up a small service business.  While this isn’t free in the strictest sense, it is the most legitimate way to get your hands on some cash when you really need it, are unemployed, or have some skills that you can market.

I realize that many people looking at places to get free money that they don’t have to pay back have likely explored this option, but it is possible you might not have considered starting up your own online business, or writing for money.  These can be done at no cost, but they do take time.   Taking action is perhaps the single most important thing anyone can do to get out of financial trouble.


This is really a situational option.  If you suffered some sort of extreme loss, perhaps the loss of a loved one and don’t have insurance, this option might be okay.  If you represent a nonprofit organization that needs money quick, you can try a fundraiser and you won’t have to pay back the funds you are able to raise for your group. 

Be sure to get all needed permits, so everything is fully legal and legitimate.  There are some rules and legal restriction that are likely many ordinances and laws in your area that will govern what you can do, how you can advertise it, and what the proceeds have to be used for.  Don’t get into trouble with the law, or you will find yourself in deeper financial trouble than you are now.   Free money that you don’t have to pay back should be found legally.

Hunt For Valuables

Many people are able to take metal detectors out and uncover rare and valuable coins, jewelry, and artifacts.  During the drought the upper Midwest is going through, many lakes are drying up.  I have two coworkers that make substantial money using their metal detectors along the water’s edge, which was once covered with water.  I imagine the jewelry and coins they found were lost by swimmers at one point.  This is a legitimate way to find free money you don’t have to pay back.

Ask Rich People For Free Money

If ever there was a longshot, this is it.  You can blog about your financial woes and ask for free money from rich people that you don’t have to pay back.  This might work in the case of medical emergency or something very drastic, but is not likely to yield results.  In fact, you might even fall prey to scam artists that will put you further into financial ruins.

There is a growing segment of the population that has taken part in cyber begging.  Quite simply, this is the online version of pan handling.  It is fully legal in most states, provided the cyber beggar is completely accurate and truthful about their needs and pays taxes on any of the free money the collect.  You will find some free sites out there that will allow you to post your story, often requiring a portion of the proceeds.

Enter Free Money Giveaway Contests

This is another longshot at best, but you might actually have some luck with this one.  I personally have an aunt that must have had a horseshoe over her when she was born.  She enters online and mail contests quite regularly and has won a number of different things.  Many of the items she wins are for items that she sells online after she receives them.  She actually won a $10,000 kitchen remodel once.  While that might not satisfy all financial woes of people, bear in mind that she used the money to purchase appliances and then sold her almost new appliances she already owned for cash.  She had to pay taxes, but didn’t have to pay the money back.  While I would not be likely to even suggest this if not for my aunt, she is proof that people who enter free money giveaways can and do get valuable prizes.  Personally, I have never won anything of value, but I am also not nearly as relentless about entering as she is.

Family Members

Few of us really want to ask our parents or loved ones for financial help, but in desperate times, it might be a good idea.  If you face foreclosure, eviction, or plain financial ruin, and you have family members that could help you out, it might be a good option for free money you don’t have to pay back.  For better results, be willing to trade or barter a service.  Perhaps you can offer free labor over the course of time in exchange for a free money gift.  While you might have to pay it back by working it off, you will not have to dig into your pocket for cash you don’t have.

If you wonder; where can I get free money I don’t have to pay back, you have a few options.

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