Getting Extensions To Get Your Hair Done Right

If you are looking for a place where you can get hair extensions to get your hair done, you can find a few very good real and synthetic hair extension dealers online.  There are endless suppliers online that will sell you hair extensions to get your hair done but your main concern should be whether you can find a vendor who can provide a superior quality product that will suit all your fashion needs. How to get a stylish unique hair extension lies in your ability to get a vendor who can give you the correct product that suits you perfectly. If you cannot find a way of identifying the vendors easily, you may end up spending more time online that you can ever imagine. So before you start your search make sure you have a list of exactly what you are looking for to narrow down your time.


Still Asking “Where Can I Get Hair Extensions To Get My Hair Done? You Can Get Them Online. 

If you do not have a hair shop or a wig shop in your neighborhood, or the choices of good quality hair is limited, you will have no other choice but to get your hair extensions from online dealers.  A suggestion would be to get a sample of perhaps three different brands and see which one you like the best.  Before you order any brand from online, please check their return policy.  The whole point is to be able to check out the quality of the product, the length and the construction before you make up your mind about which brand to buy.  Most people who buy real or synthetic extensions are brand loyalists so once you find what you are looking for, you are guaranteed to stick with it.

Some Reputable Hair Extension DealersSarah's Hair ExtensionsCredit:

Pro Extensions
Pro Extensions is provides a good selection of  extensions to choose from. They have various extensions that include bangs, dark brown long, pro fringe with clip with bangs, 18’ inch platinum highlight streaks proextensions and off black profringe clip with bangs just to name a few.  The extensions they offer are 62 in number and among them, you will not miss a type that best suits you, visit their website to get detailed information such as pricing and appearance. You can also get Pro Extensions from Amazon.


Aramas is the other real and synthetic extensions specialist who offers a variety of hair extensions that can’t fail to satisfy your needs. They offer extensions that include human hair clip on in extensions 6 piece set color 8 medium brown, silky straight 100% human hair clip on in extensions among many other extensions, they have got a total of 338 products all well suited for your real and synthetic extensions needs.  

Remy Indian Hair Extensions

Remy extensions have a high quality 100% Indian hair clip in extension silky straight. This is the only type of hair they offer, and it is usually what many African-American women choose when they want hair extensions to get their hair done. Remy "wavy" or "straight" is the ones you usually find in the stores in the Black Community. Although, more and more brands have realized the incredible amount of product that are sold in the Black Community and have now jumped on the bandwagon. 


Hairdo offers you a range of  51 hair extensions that  you can choose from, their  brands include hairdo clip ib bang, wrap around pony synthetic and straight bump up, visit their website for more specifications about their products.

Sarah's Hair Extensions

Sarah’s hair extensions offer a wide variety of 77 hair extensions to cater for your real and synthetic extension needs, visit their website to get a detailed information, some of the extensions they offer are full head, lightest blonde and beach blonde.

Saga Gold

Saga Gold has come up with 17 hair extensions to cover the ever-changing customer demands. They offer a variety of hair extensions that include milky way Saga Gold Remy Yaky 100% human hairs and Remy Gold Remy human hair weave.

OPT Fashion

OPT fashion have got the six times colored clip on in hair extensions beauty salon supply, the extensions are beautifully colored and are most preferred by women who don’t like dark colored hair extensions.

Some Other Hair Extension Dealers

Other great hair extension dealers include Feathers by sexy which gives you a choice of 66 hair extensions to suit your needs and Hair Extension Accessories, which gives you a choice of 36 hair extensions that you can choose from.


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Ok, So Where Can I Get My Hair Extensions Done After I Find The Hair I Want?

Once you have found the hair extension brand that you like, depending on how difficult the hair style that you are looking for, you can have a friend do it for you.  In the African American tradition, having a friend "do" you hair once you have gotten the right extensions is very widely accepted and practiced.  That is however, providing the friend knows what they are doing. 

Your regular beautician should be able to put in your hair extensions for you.  Most beauty salons have this service and it is usually kind of expensive but if done right, you can't really tell you have extensions in.  If you don't have a regular beautician, then look up a beauty shop in your area online.  Just enter something like "get hair extensions done" and enter your zip code into the search bar.  The zip code makes the returns more precise so you can find a salon to get your hair extensions done right in your own community. For Black people who need to get extensions including braids, search for "black hair salons" and enter your city or zip code.  If your area doesn't have a large Black community, you may have to broaden your search a little, to your state.

When you visit the salon, explain to them what you want done.  They may even have suggestions on what type of hair goes best with the style you are looking for.  This process is important because you will most likely be forming a relationship with this beautician that you ultimately choose to do your hair. So asking questions and letting them know exactly what you want is an important and very necessary part of the process.



So whether you want long blond hair, long brown hair, long black hair or beautiful hair extensions to get your hair done in braids, your choices are unlimited and it can literally drive you insane trying to find the right style for you.  This is why it is best to try a few dealers and then make your choice after you have bought the product, got it home and have had time to inspect it.