Discounted Gift Cards Online

When you ask yourself "Where can I purchase discounted gift cards online?" you should realize that there are several sources. When you buy discounted gift cards online, you still get to use the gift card at "face value" however, the amount you purchase the gift card for is significantly reduced. People purchase discounted gift cards online for many reasons, but the most common reason is that they want to maximized their purchasing power and get more goods for their bucks.  Other reasons may be that they prefer not to use credit cards online and buying discounted gift cards online will help alleviate the fear and discomfort of risking their personal financial information online when they shop.  There are many other reasons, but these two by far are the most prevalent.


Why Would Anyone Sell Gift Cards For Less Than It's Worth?

When you ask yourself "Where can I purchase discounted gift cards online?" you may also be asking yourself "Why would anyone sell gift cards at a discount?" Afterall isn't that just like giving money away?  The answer is simple, people or companies sell discounted merchandise cards online for several reasons.  There are many people and companies who are able to obtain discounted cards (legally) either free or and a significant discount and those people in turn make it into a business where they are able to offer discounted merchandise cards online.  They may have a deal with the company who sells the gift cards or they may have a private bartering system where they obtain a gift card but they would rather have cash. 
Some people also may receive a gift card from someone as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday present, however, they may not like the store where the merchandise card is from or they may want to trade the merchandise card for cash so they can get what they really want to buy.  There are many legal reasons why someone would want to sell discounted gift cards online.  As long as the means by which they obtain the gift card is legal, it only means significant discounts for you.

So Where Can I Purchase Discounted Gift Cards Online?

For those continue to ask themselves "Where can I purchase discounted gift cards online?" the answer to that is simple.  The best places to get these discounted gift cards are through companies online that are in the business of buying and selling discounted cards.  Some of these sites allow people to barter with each other so you could be dealing directly with the seller even though you are on a third party website.  Look for discounted merchandise cards online also at REPUTABLE online auction sites like eBay.  There are some penny auction sites that auction off so called "discounted gift cards online" however, you could end up paying more than the gift card is actually worth on these penny auction sites. Also, there is a greater possibility that those gift cards may not have been obtained legally. The less reputable the site, the greater the chance that you will get gift cards that were stolen.

Some online sources for discounted gift cards online:

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny allows you to save up to 40 percent buying other people's unwanted gift cards.  According to the discounted gift card site, Gift Card Granny is a useful marketplace that allows people to buy and sell gift cards online.  They say they work with trusted online gift card exchange leaders which allows buyers access to well over 30,000 discounted gift cards from many different merchants and sellers.  These sellers could be both online sellers and offline sellers. Buyers could use the service to get alerts when discounted gift cards to their favorite retailers go on sale. Not only can you buy and sell gift cards on Gift Card Granny, you can also check your gift card balance.


Ebay Online Gift Card Auctions

You can get discounted gift cards online  from eBay!  They have a pretty nice discounted gift card section and their auction is a trusted source.  You may be buying from "Joe Plain" who got a gift card for his birthday and want to exchange it for cash or you could be purchasing from an online discounted card marketplace such as Gift Card Granny.  Just type in "discounted gift cards" in the eBay search bar, choose the gift cards you desire, read all the information from the seller and ask questions if you wish.  The discounted cards on eBay may or may not be used, either way, it has to say if the card is for face value or how much is left on the gift card for use.  eBay has a great ratings and customer complaint system and a great system to resolve disputes so that is why eBay is one of the only auction site that people should get discounted cards from.  Always read the information from the seller and ask questions. Make sure you are absolutely comfortable with the terms before you purchase discounted merchandise cards online from eBay.


ABC Gift Cards

Like Gift Card Granny, ABC Gift Cards is also a trusted and reputable online discounted gift card marketplace where you can buy and sell your discounted cards. With this service, you have three options when searching for discounted merchandise cards online: Merchant in Stock, Merchant Out of Stock and Bargain Bin.  Again, like Gift Card Granny, you can get alerts when discounted gift cards from the merchants or sellers that you like becomes available.


Gift Card Rescue

Gift Card Rescue is also pretty well known.  While Gift Card Granny offers discounted cards up to 40 percent off, Gift Card Rescue offers discounted cards to major retailers and restaurants at a 30 percent discount.  You can also sell your discounted card to Gift Card Rescue just like the other gift card merchants, and the price you get coud depended on how much in demand the merchandise card it and other variables.  You could get from 40 percent and above for the price of your merchandise card that you want to sell.  It all depends on those variables.

Note: If you are selling your merchandise cards online and you go to one merchant who offers you a price too far below face value, don't worry, there are many reputable card resellers online that you can go to.  Just go to another one and see what price you can get for your discounted card.

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