View My House From Space

If you were wondering 'where can I see my house from space'? ... well more specifically 'where can I see my home via satellite?'. Then you have come to the right place. It is pretty amazing to think that we have the technology and capability to access satellite images from space -- all available online and can be done free of charge through the simple click of a button (give or take). Below, I am going to drop you a simple three step by step plan (download, open, find your home) of how you can both download and operate 'Google Earth' -- which is an application that allows you to pin point a satellite space image of your home from space. It is also worth mentioning that there are other applications and ways that you can view an image of your home from space through means such as etc., however I feel that Google Earth will offer you the most competent package and hence a far greater overall user experience and interface. 

Where You Can Find Your Home From Space -- 3 Step Plan

Step One: Download Google Earth on to Your Computer

Simply head over to the 'google earth' website landing page and hit the blue 'Download Google Earth' button on the top right of the page -- available for both Mac and Windows -- and simply follow the simple step by step instructions that are provided to install the latest version of Google Earth up on to your computer, it should only take roughly a few minutes or so. (If you are having difficulties to download Google Earth? Check out the Google Earth help forum.)

Step Two: Open the Google Earth Application

Once you have successfully completed the download of the Google Earth app, be sure to then go on to open the Google Earth program either through clicking on the desktop icon (a blue and white sphere icon) or by searching for 'Google Earth' through the search function on your computer. It should only take a few seconds to load along with a steps to carry out for the opening.

Step Three: Find Your Home Online Through Google Earth

Now you are all set, it is time to find your home from space. There are two main steps towards doing this -- firstly, as well as being my personal favourite is through manual control, click and 'spin' the earth with your mouse and drag yourself towards where you live through mouse scrolling (zooming in) -- and keep scrolling until you find roughly where abouts your house is located, and then continue to scroll until you can see your house. A second way and often faster way, is to simply type the first line of the address of your home (house name or number and street) into the search facility at the top left of the Google Earth window .., under 'Fly to' and then select the option relevant to you. Then the simulation should automatically fly you over to your house, and then... you are there, you are able to view your house from outer space with satellite imagery and 'zoom in' and 'zoom out' through the mouse scroll. 

You can use the Google Earth application to check out any area of the world from the Grand Canyon to the London rooftops --  be sure to check out the video below '15 cool Google Earth Sights' and you can even use it for a flight simulation and fly over your house through by simply hitting the CTRL + Alt + A on Windows and cmd + A  on the Mac. If you have any further questions or general remarks regarding 'Where Can I See my House from Space?' then please feel free to send them to me through a comment in the box below. 

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