Finding Holiday Help for Kids


Where can I sign my children up on the Angel Tree?  Each year many low income families look for various kinds of help to provide presents for their children.  Needy families are always out there, all year long, but at Christmastime, we tend to think about it a little more.  If you are looking for some financial help for Christmas this year to provide gifts for kids, you may qualify for this program.  Let’s look at it in more detail at how this program can provide Christmas help for families in need.

What Is The Angel Tree?

Actually, the name has become somewhat generic in its use.  The actual program is called the Prison Fellowship Program and is designed to provide gifts and the word of the gospel to children whose parent(s) are in prison.  Today, many organizations use the same wording to describe what is essentially a secret Santa or gift drive.  Of course, there are some others that are working under the same name.

The Salvation Army does a drive where people can receive gifts for underprivileged children.   This year, the event is being sponsored by JC Penney.  You can make a donation or sign your kids up for help from the Angel Tree from the Salvation Army website.

Many other local businesses these days name their programs the Angel Tree.  You can find these at malls, retail stores, and local businesses.  Many civic groups also do a variation of some form with this program, where children can receive toys and gifts for Christmas.

How Do I Sign Up?

The Salvation Army Website and are the two places you need to search to sign up children for the Angel Tree programs or to make a donation.  You can also visit local businesses that are doing a localized version of the program and ask to be put on the list for donations.  Additional contact information is listed near the end of this article.

Typical Guidelines/Restrictions

As with most Christmas charities, you may have to meet low income guidelines and restrictions to qualify for the program.  Applications may need to be filled out with verification of income levels.  In today’s world, there are many scam artists that don’t need the help, forcing proof of financial situation more difficult.  In addition, some programs will require one parent or guardian to be incarcerated to qualify for help.

As with most charitable organizations, low income restrictions could apply, along with the possibility that one parent or guardian be incarcerated in prison or jail.  

Church Ministries Angel Tree Program Contact Info

By Phone:  Call (800) 552-6435 for signup or to register your church as a donor.

By Email:

Salvation Army Angel Tree Program Contact Info

To Give:  JC Penney's the sponsor this year and will take donations November 2nd.

To Register:  There are many locations where you can register.  When you visit the website, scroll near the bottom and hit “contact us.”  On the right upper corner of the new page, select your region to get contact information.

Additional Forms of Christmas Help

There are other forms of Christmas help for low income families out there.  For one, you may want to enroll in toys for tots or other similar programs that provide holiday assistance for the poor.  Many local civic groups and churches are more than willing to help out needy families during the holidays as well.  Local food pantries are well-known to give out great meals during the holiday season, which may be worth looking at.

Now that you know some places to find help, why not look to sign your children up for the Angel Tree or another similar program?