Have Your Socks Disappeared?

Just yesterday morning, I opened my sock drawer to find no socks.  Just a bunch of single socks laying around with no rhyme or reason.  I knew I had just done the laundry a few days ago, so I thought I should have some.  Where had all my socks gone?

Well, at first my son thought it might be the sock fairy.  Since we tell our children stories about the tooth fairy coming and taking away their teeth in the night, why not have a sock fairy who comes and takes away a single sock in the night?  The only problem was, there were no quarters anywhere in my sock drawer.  I had my son check!

Then we thought it might be monsters, like the monsters from Monsters Inc.  Maybe they decided sock power was better than scream power, so they snuck through the closet at night and stole single socks.  But we have monster spray, so that didn't seem likely either.

So where did the socks really go?

Where Did They Really Go?

So what did we do next?  Obviously our hare-brained theories weren't viable.  Where did those missing socks really go?

I did what all good parents do when they want to find something else and turned to an expert source of information.  The Internet.

Of course, there I found all sorts of harebrained ideas.  It turns out one of the most popular explanation for where socks go is gnomes took them.  Other people imagined that they were sucked into some sort of time-space warp that enabled them to travel to another planet.  Jerry Seinfeld postulated that socks plan their escape.  But among all that fantasy, there were some sources of truth.

The most common reason socks disappear is because your washing machine eats them.  Well, not literally.  But it turns out there's a little space between the agitator that socks can fit into.  Take that apart, and you find your socks.

However, I went to my front loading washing machine and found...no agitator.  This explanation wasn't going to work for me.

So I went and looked again.  It also seems that sometimes socks get sucked down the drain with the water.  I went and pulled back the seal around my washer, and guess what I found?

You guessed it.  A little colony of socks.

Wondering What to Do With Mismatched Socks?

Wear Them!

Mismatched Socks
Credit: Fidelio via Flickr

If you are wondering what to do with mismatched socks, the answer is simple - wear them!  It's the new style these days - they even sell mismatched socks on Amazon.  

We've actually let our kids out in mismatched socks - they've gotten a few compliments.  Of course, there's always the few people who think you are bad parents if your children aren't perfectly coiffed.  But the kids like having their own sense of style!

So even though we lost some socks, we ended up finding them again.  I've also heard of people finding them stuck to other clothes, or in the dryer vent.  I haven't checked there yet, but next time we clean out our lint, I will!