Find Hidden Cash in Homes

If a relative passed away recently, you may be wondering, where do old people hide their money?  Many elderly don’t believe or trust banks, so many of them keep their cash hidden away for a rainy day.  Unfortunately, many of these same people don’t tell their relatives where the secret hiding spots are, so they can find the bundles of cash after they’ve passed away.  In this article, I’ll try to give you some good ideas of where you can look to find the secret stash of cash and explore where old people hide their money, so you don’t sell it unknowingly at an estate sale.

List of 20 Places Cash is Hidden in Homes

Behind Pictures:  Between the matting and the back panel that hold the picture in place.

In Walls:  You’ve heard stories of people remodeling and finding old people’s money hidden in the walls.

Secret Safes:  These are often concealed and covered, making them hard to detect.

Drawers with False Bottoms:  Some dresser or desk drawers can easily conceal money.

Socks:  A hot spot for forgotten money, you’ll want to check your grandmother’s socks.

Various Clothing:  Pockets of specific pants or shirts that never get worn.

Under Flooring:  A secret trap door with a small box can handle a lot of currency and coin.

Buried:  Granny may have put her currency in a jar and buried it in the yard.

Furniture Bottoms:  Look under the coach and chairs – Grandpa may have taped some under them.

Shoeboxes:  Stored with a bunch of other shoeboxes that have other items stored in them.

Toilet:  Check the tank for a waterproof container of money that an old person hid.

Pillows:  Most old ladies can sew and some make a small hole in a pillow and add money.

Freezer:  Sometimes wrapped like a meat product or put in a frozen food container.

Medicine Bottle:  Check the aspirin and medicine bottles to find free money.

Empty Purse:  It might not be empty and could be a great place to find currency.

Food Jars:  Cookie jars, coffee cans, and just about any other type of food container could hold cash.

Attic:  All kinds of things are stored in an old person’s attic, which could include hundred dollar bills.

Fake Plants:  Look in the pot carefully to see if you can find lots of money for free.

Books:  You’ve seen hollowed out books before and many elderly folks use this great hiding spot.

Junk Drawers:  Sometimes in an envelope for easy access by the owner.

Granny Probably Left Clues

If you are wondering where old people hide their money from banks and the government, and you think grandma might have some secret stashes, she may have left clues for you.  

  •          Did the elderly person routinely make specific mention of a particular item they wanted you to have? 


  •       Were you specifically told not to throw certain things away in the relative’s home, even though they have little to no monetary value or family significance?


  •       Were there items in the house that seemed out of place or that the elderly person wanted to keep people away from? 


  •       Are there items that they specifically told you not to give away and keep in the family?


  •       Did your relative express distrust for banks and the IRS?


  •        Once you know where old people hide their money, it’s up to you to find it.