Where do single moms go for housing needs?  If you have children that you raise on your own, finding the assistance you need to live can be difficult.  In this article, I will show you the places you can look for help with rent, low income apartments, heating bill assistance, mortgage loans, and some other information you may need when you are wondering where you can go for help. 


Low Income Housing

If you are not able to make your mortgage payment or if rent is too high, you can apply for low income apartments housing.  In general, there will be relatively liberal income guidelines that apply.  The typical routine for low income apartments is to base rent on a percentage of the households total income.  This means that one parent families are likely to pay less for rent than they otherwise would.  Best of all, federal, state, and local codes ensure the apartments and home are in good repair and livable.

To find the low income options in your area, you will want to go to your local courthouse to get steered in the right direction.   Since there are federal, state, and local programs out there for low income households, the courthouse is the best place to start your search.

Assistance Paying Rent

This may not be the same things as low income housing.  There are programs and charities that will help single moms meet their housing needs through rent assistance programs.  The Salvation Army, for example, is just one of the many well-known charities that will help you pay your rent.  They offer a one-time assistance program that helps mothers and dads with children.

If you need further assistance in paying your rent, single moms can go to local churches and civic groups for help with their housing needs.  These organizations are often very willing and able to assist parents with kids, especially one parent households.  Low income restrictions may apply for some of the groups and churches, but it will vary by location and organization.

Mortgage Loans

One of the more common forms of help single moms housing needs is those that help mothers buy homes.  There are lots of legitimate programs out there, some backed by the federal government, which will help low income families and those with only one single parent buy a home.  The programs seem to change around each year, making it a little more difficult to get the aid you need.  Still, there are programs out there and they can be found.

If you are looking to buy a home and feel you may qualify for a mortgage help program, you really only need to go to your local bank.  Most banks have training programs to teach their employees and loan officers about these types of programs.  When you qualify for help, it brings the total mortgage amount down, which decreases payments and improves chances of getting approved for the loans.   These government help programs really make a difference for low income families and those that need some help to meet their needs, especially for single moms.

Applying for Government Grants

You need to be careful when you apply for government grants.  There are lots of sites out there that promise to help single moms with their housing needs, but fail to deliver.  Still, there are a lot of good programs out there that will assist mothers and fathers, along with low income households.  Some of the grants you will find are for home buying, rent assistance, and remodeling. 

Looking for help from government grants gets tricky.  You can go online to find help.  You can also go to banks when looking to buy a home, purchase books about the subject, or go to the courthouse in your area to find the help you need.

Habitat for Humanity

There are many different programs out there that help single moms with their housing needs.  If you are looking at where to go for help, try Habitat for Humanity or a similar program available in your area.  You’ll find they provide decent homes to those in need, so they and their children can lead decent lives and live in decent homes.   You’ll find these programs by searching for them online or through the yellow pages.  These programs really do make a big difference for families that need help.

Heating Bill Assistance

There are many places you can look to find assistance with heating bills. If you are struggling to pay your electric bills or heating bills, check out LIHEAP.  This is the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program offered by the federal government.   Low income families will want to check out this program for assistance with heating and utilities.

If you need additional help with your housing needs, single moms can go to their local utility companies to find out what state and local programs are available for mothers and fathers.  They are willing to assist since government help programs ensure the utility companies get paid.  After you are done at the utility companies, stop by your local courthouse to see what they have available for help with electric bills.  These programs will ensure you have heating fuel or electricity to keep your kids safe and sound.  These programs are especially popular in cold weather states. 

Food Help

You can get food from local shelters or through food stamps.  This is more of an indirect housing need for single moms, but it is important for those with children in the family.  Since many low income families are able to qualify for this type of financial help.  Check out the local courthouse to see if you qualify for food stamps.  This will generally depend on your household income level.  Many food pantries do not have income restrictions, but this is going to vary depending on where you live.  Simply give the food pantries in your area a call to find out if you qualify for this kind of assistance.


Hopefully you now know where to look when you ask yourself, where do single moms go for housing needs?