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The original Superman comic book came on the scene in April 1938.  Anyone that was lucky enough to have owned that comic and kept it in mint condition would now be worth 2.16 million dollars today.  Imagine how many children owned this comic book back then and threw it away or destroyed it.  If only they could turn back the hands of time.  The real question is how many of this and other valuable comics are still hidden away somewhere?  No one really knows how many of these rare comic books are still in existence.  If they are still out there; how do you find them?

Storage Units.  There has been a lot of media around terrific finds located inside of storage units.  These units are usually sold to the highest bidder when they fail to make payments.  You can find out about these auctions in your local newspaper.  With money in hand you can go down and bid on any of the storage units available.  You never know what you might find inside.  Maybe a million dollar comic book is hidden inside.

Estate Sale.  There have been many collectors that have died and their heirs have no idea about the value of their comic book collections.  When you see the comics, don’t get too excited.  If you show too much enthusiasm the sellers will know that maybe they have something of greater value.  You may still get the comics, but at a higher price.

Flea Markets.  People come from all around to sell things at flea markets.  In some towns these flea markets are quite large.  With the economy being what it is today; many come to see if they can make some extra money to take care of their families.  Check out the vendors and see if there is anyone selling comic books.  If they have large collections of comics, neatly displayed and in mint condition; they probably have an idea of their value.  If not, you might able to get the deal of a lifetime. 

Private Owners.  The internet is full of websites with private owners wanting to sell their comic books.  You can use sites like Craigslist to look for these sellers.  While researching this article I actually checked some of the ads selling comic books.  They are commonly sold in lots and the owner may mention one or two somewhat valuable comics.  Make sure that you know what you are getting.  If you buy these large lots the owner may or may not know their value. 

The Attic.  If you own an older home and have never checked the attic; maybe you should.  In 2007, a Pittsburgh man found a rare copy of Detective Comics 27, a pre-World War II comic featuring Batman's debut in his attic.  He had no idea of the value of the comic book.   The comic was valued at over $250,000. 

It can be exciting to search for what could be a truly rare comic book.  Storage units, estate sales, flea markets, attics, and private owners are just the tip of the iceberg.  Many other strange places have been the hiding place of rare comic books.  There are many online sources to aid you with finding out their value.  If comic books are something that you just love reading then these avenues can also help you find some great blast from the past.  Valuable or not you will have the enjoyment of finding something that you will enjoy for years to come.