Santa Claus

Most people are aware that Santa Claus lives in the North Pole. Santa Claus actually has multiple homes in different locations. Here are some of Santa's most prominent areas where he lives.

North Pole

The North Pole is the Northern most point on earths globe. According to Santa Claus historians the North Pole is the primary home of Santa Claus in the months leading up to Christmas. The North Pole is where the largest of Santas workshops exist.

Most of Santas Elfs begin their career in the North Pole. Some of the elfs are promoted and may help Santa out in the malls or receive managerial positions at one of Santas other workshops.

North Pole, Alaska

North Pole Alaska is a different place from the North Pole. In North Pole Alaska Santa owns a nice cabin hidden in the woods. Santa also has a large distribution center located near his cabin where the elfs help coordinate the packaging of gifts that were made in Santas Workshop in the other North Pole.

Korvatunturi Mountains near Lapland Province, Finland

Santa Claus has a home in a hidden village in the Korvatunturi Mountains that are located in Finland. Santa Claus spends a lot of time here. Many of the gifts for kids in this part of the world are made at the workshop located here.

Drøbak, Norway

In Drøbak, Norway Santa has a residence and yet another workshop. Santa Spends a lot of time in his Drøbak home as he recieves a lot of mail from children that are mailed there.


In Northwestern Greenland near the town of Uummannaq Santa has yet another home and workshop. This area is about 366 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Santas reindeer have been reported to be "playing reindeer games" in the mountains here during the summe rmonths.

Rovaniemi Finland

Santa Claus may have been born in Laplan Finland and that is why Santa Claus Village exists near the town of Rovaniemi Finland. Anybody can go and visit Santa Claus Village. Santa himself has can be spotted around town at various times of the year.

Santa Claus is best spotted during the holiday season but he can be seen throughout the year. Especially in Rovaniemi Finland where he likes to visdit some of his relatives who still live there. The spirit of Santa Claus is alive and well all over the world.