While the mobile phone will always be chained to its battery power, phones that utilize landlines are different. Since they derive their power from an outlet, they only need to stay plugged in to be reliable in power supply indefinitely. Besides helping keep your calls, it also saves you the trouble of buying batteries over and over again.

Anyone who has tried to make a phone call in a rainstorm has experienced the difference between mobile and landline-based phone technology. Disagreeable weather and other factors completely outside of your control can render mobile communication nonexistent. But landlines, with their communication safely contained in wires, will withstand such conditions and let you get your call through.

Many people have switched to cell phones with the assumption that they're always cheaper. However, this is often neglecting to take into account any new deals and conditional savings that companies are attaching to landline packages. If you're willing to work within the limits of such bargains you can frequently end up with a less expensive bill by using landlines.

The expense of changing from a landline system to a mobile phone system shouldn't be underestimated. Particularly for businesses, it can often exceed the money that would be saved from switching over in the first place. Do you know what it will take to remove those landlines? Don't make the choice unless you're sure of the consequences!

Both landline corded and **landline cordless phones** can give higher levels of security to a phone call than any mobile phone is able to do. The simplicity of spying on a mobile phone conversation is so absolute, that anyone can do it if they care to try. What about tapping into a landline? Not so easily done! And even less easily done if you want to avoid being caught in the act.

Any manager knows that the easy availability of distractions always keeps workers from getting their jobs done properly. If you're prone to self-analysis you can even observe this trait in yourself. This is why for many people it may be a mature choice to deliberately avoid the convenience of mobile phones. Without that to lead you away from work on the flimsiest excuses, you can concentrate on getting everything done.

Do you really pay attention to your safety on the road? Stop and think to yourself... how much attention do you spend on driving if you're talking on your cell phone simultaneously? Probably not as much as you should. Especially for parents with children learning to drive, avoiding the issue in the first place is a wise decision. A simple landline phone will keep people from behaving in ways that put others at risk.

Advances in **2 line cordless phones** and similar models allow you to enjoy both mobile and landline benefits if you want. While it costs a little more than settling for one or the other, it can be a great way to not force yourself to avoid a benefit you could truly get a lot out of.