If the temBanzai Falls water slideperature is hot and you would like the household to relish the sun out in the back garden you have to certainly choose a fantastic outdoor water slide. There are some great products that you can choose.


Among the best products currently available to buy is the Banzai Falls Original Water Slide. If you buy this specific inflatable water slide, you will end up giving your kids a great time throughout the sizzling summer season.


The Banzai water slide is really large so kids are able to go up the back of the slide using the attached ladder. When they arrive at the top they need only to sit down and then use their hands to push themselves off the edge. They're going to travel down the slide and enjoy the ride down into the pool of water that awaits them at the bottom.

This inflatable water slide is a remarkably colorful as well as robust structure. Its measurements are an incredible ten feet tall, by 18 feet long and it is five feet wide.

The weight limit potential for this slide is a substantial 200lbs meaning that there is certainly almost no way that this slide can get destroyed on account of excessive weight or pressure being placed on it.

This particular slide is produced from a PVC covered Terylene which provides additional toughness and support.

The actual slippery slide surface area is manufactured out of a PVC coated polyester tarpaulin. This helps make the slide nice and slick for the kids to enjoy a fabulous slide from the top to the ground level.

It Is Easy To Put The Banzai Slide Together

When you're ready to put together this particular slide you will have to simply unfurl it to make sure that it lays completely flat out on the front lawn or your backyard. Place the water bags around the sides in order to make sure that it is stabilized on the ground surface.

Included in this pack are the right amount of ground pins which you will need to put around the slide for further steadiness and stability. Join up the air blower, flip the switch and watch as the whole thing begins to inflate and take shape. This inflatable slide will be entirely filled up after just a few minutes.


The last thing you need to do is to connect a water hose pipe in order to populate the entire thing with water. The end result will be your own little aqua park that is situated in your backyard for all to enjoy.