If you are looking for a really different type of fancy dress costume then you may like to consider dressing up as Sookie Stackhouse from the television series True Blood.

A Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume can be very easy to buy for the young girl who has her own blonde hair. You can just wear some tight denim shorts, a white t-shirt, and scrape your hair way up into a ponytail. Ta Da! You're costume is done! For all those non-blondes or perhaps those with longer hair, this can be a little bit harder to manage.

However this is why hairpieces can be bought for a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume or for some other costume you can think of. You'll be able to easily get wigs as well as wig accessories designed to provide you with a Sookie Stackhouse style no matter what your hair length or even colour. These kinds of wigs and hair pieces can be found reasonably inexpensively on the web.

To become a realistic Sookie Stackhouse, you are going to also need to get hold of a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween outfit. This kind of costume will incorporate a barmaid t-shirt. This will be relevant since the particular bar name in the television show, Merlotte's Bar and Grille, is actually unique. Your whole outfit should have a waitress apron. It is possible to complete your outfit with a pair of tight shorts, tennis shoes, a pen and a pad.

An awesome style can also add a great deal to the entire Sookie Stackhouse costume. Since Sookie is meant to be telepathic, mention things designed to cause you to seem telepathic. Let's say somebody opens up the door after you knock on it. As opposed to saying 'Trick or Treat' simply say 'I understand you expect me to say trick or treat, but instead I am going to check if you happen to have any kind of vampires at your home?' This is a great way to get folks off guard and also let them think about the design of your costume to those who recognise the tv show.

You might like to really play up the waitress part of the Sookie costume by taking your goodies and putting all of them in your apron just like cash tips. Ask to take peoples order or check if anybody wants another round. In this way at the very least everyone should understand you are dressed up as a bar maid, even when they have never heard of Sookie Stackhouse.

Now you are ready to attend your party. Just get your partner to dress up as Bill Compton or as Eric Northman and you are all set for a truly inspired True Blood look.