Where to Buy Bamboo Plants:

Indoor and Outdoor Bamboo Gardens

Where To Buy Bamboo Plants: Indoor and OutdoorCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bamboo_garden.jpg

Bamboo is a wonderful plant to choose for most gardening plants. Low maintenance, strong and durable, able to withstand temperature variations, bamboo will last a long time and flourish in the right setting, adding a wonderful element of green to your indoor or outdoor garden. 

This article is all about where to buy bamboo plants for your gardening projects. There are a few good options out there for purchasing them, but you should be aware of the types of bamboo available, and what you might want to choose depending on your particular plans.

In this article we'll talk about the best places to buy bamboo plants online and localling, and we'll touch on the different varieties and species to look at, and their particular advantages and disadvantages. We'll touch on price and other factors too. Let's get started!

Different Types of Plants:

Where To Buy Bamboo Plants Online

There are a lot of different types of plants out there, there isn't just one variety for sale. Picking the right type of plant to suit your particular project is important, because different types have different growing habits, nutritional needs and appearances. We won't list every type of bamboo plant available here, but we'll talk about the different characteristics you might face. Then when you decide where to buy bamboo plants you'll have an informed opinion.

Bamboo is one of the widest spread plants in the world, found on every continent except for Europe. It is technically a grass, and as such will grow back from roots or from cut stalks very readily (useful to know for pruning purposes). It's also a 'green friendly' plant, releasing copious amounts of oxygen and growing extremely quickly. 

There are two general 'types' of the plant: clumping and running. When considering where to buy bamboo it's also useful to reckognize which type you want. 


Likely more popular for gardening purposes, clumping bamboo plants will grow in a relatively isolated spot. They don't have deep root systems and as such will only grow 'outward' by a few inches a year. They are popular for gardening because they will grow very rich and full on a small plot of land. 


If you're looking for where to buy bamboo online or locally, make sure to know whether it's a running or clumping breed, because running bamboo is very prolific. Its root systems are wide ranging and it will spread horizontally almost as fast as it grows vertically. This can be a tough plant to control in a garden setting, but it is useful for commercial bamboo harvesting and live bamboo fences.

There are a few other subcategories that we should mention, especially if you're looking for indoor bamboo plants.

Ornamental Bamboo Plants:

Ornamental species are generally easy to take care of and will flourish indoors and out. These plants will stay small and are often artificially manipulated to coil or form an appealing pattern. They are extremely low maintenance and mostly just require water and sunlight. If you're looking for where to purchase bamboo plants of this nature, they can be found virtually everywhere.

Screen Bamboo Plants:

Because running bamboo will grow quickly and is very thick and lush, it forms an effective screen when you're looking for a bit more privacy. You can find and buy wholesale bamboo plants online and they will form an effective screen for you in a very short amount of time. 

Where To Purchase Bamboo Plants:

Locally or Online?

Where To buy Bamboo Plants OnlineCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dracaena_sanderiana.jpg

If you're wanting to purchase bamboo plants you should probably do your research extensively and pick a particular variety before you start looking. There are a lot of great places to pick them up, but the primary concern should be for the species. There are over 1,500 species of bamboo, and they all have entirely different growing patterns, behavior and care requirements.

Unless you live in a very warm environment, I would avoid any tropical or subtropical breeds, they won't flourish unless in a hot, humid climate. 

When deciding where to buy bamboo plants, you really have two options:


A nursery is a good place to go for your plants, mostly because you'll get to interact with them in person and ask lots of questions. The staff at any local plant nurseries will have a lot of insight into what breeds and varieties will work in your local climate, and help you pick out a type that will thrive in whatever purpose you need it to. 

The downside? Local nurseries don't have the greatest variety of species. You might only see types that will grow well locally. Ornamental bamboo plants and exotic species may be few and far between. 


The other popular option for where to buy bamboo plants is online stores. Where you don't get the hands on interaction, you get tons of variety and better prices (most of the time). If you purchase bamboo plants online you can often get wholesale discounts or bulk purchase benefits such as free shipping. Many of these sites have tips and blogs to help buyers with their gardening vision. There will be tons of indoor bamboo plants too.

Where To Buy Bamboo Plants:

Online or Locally?

When choosing where to buy bamboo plants, it comes down to online versus local. The choice really depends on your unique plans for your garden, the research you do into species, and the amount of local choice. If you live in an area with no real plant nurseries around, you're probably better off going for online. In larger urban centers you'll have a lot more nursery options so check them out before ordering anything. 

Good Luck!