A nice pair of chocolate brown wedge shoes can do a lot for a woman's confidence, especially for those women who struggle with wearing high heels. In general high heels tend to be difficult for some women to wear because they cause added stress on the ankles as the ankles work to maintain balance on the spiked heel. Additionally typical high heel shoes also inflict added stress on the ball of the foot and the toes as all a woman's weight is centered on these spots rather than being evenly distributed across the entire foot. Wedge shoes can help with each of these problems.

Brown Wedge Low Heel SandalsWomen's wedge shoes of all colors come in a number of different heights and are made of many different types of materials. The one unifying feature of wedge heels however is that the raised heel is wide and has a much larger footprint on the ground than a spike heel. This makes wedge heels easier to walk in as the balance factor is addressed.

Another feature of wedge heels is that unlike spike heel shoes the wedge support sole can often be raised a little in the front too. Unlike a platform shoe where the entire shoe is raised uniformly a wedge can give the look of a high heel but can feel more like a flat to the woman who is wearing the shoe. This can be invaluable to woman who can't wear high heels or to ladies who are beginning to learn to wear heels on a regular basis.

Brown Wedge Slingback SandalsOf all the different kinds of ladies wedge shoes the chocolate brown wedge shoe is probably the least frequently paired with casual everyday wear. The reason for that is because black wedge shoes tent to be the most versatile for pairing, white wedge shoes are similarly versatile, and many people who opt for shoes that aren't black or white go for metallic colors like silver wedge shoes, or brightly colored shoes like blue or red wedge shoes. Brown is a color that many people gravitate to as it is a neutral however it is less common than other neutrals.

This however is lost on many people; brown is a neutral color and it can often be interchanged with black for variety sake. Having a quality set of dark brown wedge shoes is a great way to decrease the formality of your outfit without sacrificing style. Brown shoes go with jeans and with many colors of slacks, and if paired right they can make skirts and dresses pop with styling that is slightly unique.

Depending on your budget you may or may not want to stick to designer shoe manufacturers. Many local shoe stores will be heavily stocked with cheap wedge shoes for women but the quality of these shoes will always be suspect when compared to designer shoes made by the likes of Steve Madden, Michel Kors, or other top of the line shoe designers. Local department stores are great places to start looking for ladies wedge shoes which fit you perfectly and match your style exactly but they are not usually the best places to buy shoes at the best price to get the best value for your shoes you need to take a multi-faceted approach.

Where To Buy Brown Wedge Shoes

Michael Kors Casual High Wedge SandalsOnce you decide you want to buy a pair of dark or light brown wedge shoes you have a few choices to make. The basic questions have to do with quality and label. Do you want low quality but cheap womens wedge shoes or do you want to pay a premium for high quality designer wedge shoes or branded shoes like Sergio Rossi, Stuart Weitzman, Jessica Simpson, or BCBG shoes? There's no wrong answer to this question it is all a matter of preference.

For instance if you plan on heavily wearing these shoes then you should probably opt for more expensive shoes which will hold up better over time and will probably fit better. On the other hand if these brown wedge heels are meant for only a single outfit then you probably won't be wearing them very often and could probably get by with saving a bit of money on a cheaper pair of brown peep toe wedge shoes or slingbacks.

Gold Wedge Sandal ShoesOnce you make this distinction in what you need then you need to do some shopping in person at your favorite and preferable largest shoe store in your local neighborhood. The reason for this is because larger stores often have lower prices because overhead costs can be spread across more products keeping individual prices lower overall. This is not always the case but often is. Additionally larger stores will have a larger selection for you to choose from. This will help you to identify a better match for your needs.

Make sure to try on all the shoes that you like and identify the sizes and brands that fit the best. The point here is to do all your research in person in the store and then do all your purchasing online where prices are generally the lowest on an average day. When you shop for shoes online you always face the problem of buying a shoe that doesn't' fit right or a shoe that hits your feet in a weird spot. By finding the best shoe for your foot in person then you can confidently buy the exact same shoe online knowing full well that it will fit.

One of the main problems of people shopping online is buying a shoe that doesn't fit and one of the main problems of shoe shopping in your department store is that you tend to overpay for most items. If you can train yourself to shop in the store and then buy online you can get the benefits of both experiences without any of the drawbacks.

As previously stated brown wedge shoes are neutrals so they should go with many outfits but they are less popular than other colors. Make sure you have a good amount of outfits you can wear your new shoes with and you will be happy with your purchase… especially if you can but them cheap enough to have money left over for another pair of shoes. It never hurts to have one more option in a woman's shoe arsenal.