Are you looking to buy cheap BCBG wedge shoes? If so you may or many not know exactly where to start your search. BCBG wedge sandals can be found at all the usual shoe stores and big retailers such as Amazon and Zappos but where are you exactly going to find the best deal? This of course depends on how picky you are when it comes to the style of wedge shoe you are looking for. If you are looking for a very specific silver wedge shoe or black platform sandal then you may or may not find what you are looking for at every store.

BCBG Wedge ShoesFor the most variety of BCBG wedge sandals in all different colors including black, brown, white, and others, you should always head to the biggest retailers like Amazon and Zappos, this will ensure that you find the exact style you are looking for. However, if you are not looking for anything in particular but just wanting to buy some nice BCBG wedge dress shoes or wedge evening shoes then you can start branching out to some of the lesser known retailers like and Shiekh Shoes or eCrater. These retailers are less well known but they all are known to carry good selections of BCBG shoes including wedge heels, platform wedge, and leather wedge varieties.

Wedge shoes for women come in many different styles and BCBG covers many of these style genres. They make wedge casual shoes as well as formal shoes and each store that carries BCBG will offer a different product offering. Designer shoe retailers may focus more on the dress heels rather than the casual shoe so keep this in mind while you are shopping.

Similarly depending on whether you are shopping for yourself or your daughter finding cheap women's wedge shoes will be harder in the teenage stores and finding affordable wedges for your daughter will be more challenging in more stores catering to the mature consumer.

By far and away the best place to find and buy BCBG wedge heels will be to look in second-hand stores and with online retailers like eBay which mix new products with used products. Typically designer shoes are made to hold up better than cheaper shoes and assuming the wedge looks OK it will likely hold up just fine but for a more reasonable price.